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    Hey folks! A simple quandary-is there anti-virus software or a related app for the Pre availiable now or in the not-too-distant future? There is concern in several blogs that smartphones are 'ripe' for maliciousness. I'll take your answers off the air. Thanx!!
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    No and there's really no need for them IMHO
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    One time that webOS' small footprint helps us. Why would anyone try to target such an obscure little segment of the smartphone universe?

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    I sure hope you are right because I do use my Pre for buying, banking etc. But I have had 'problems w/ some websites, issuses that I guess are flash related. Thanx
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    No need at the moment, but as mobile devices become more mainstream I am sure it will become either part of the OS or an app.

    In the meantime enjoy not having a giant target on you like an iPhone user.
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    No one using WebOS=No one making virus' for WebOS

    You'll be fine.

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