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    . . . and it's probably a deal-breaker for me.

    I'm a new Treo 300 user and a long time Palm Vx user. In the Treo address book, there's no way to search for a company if you have the first or last name fields populated. In my Palm under options/preferences, you can choose to search by last name or company name. In the Treo the choice is between last name or first name. Only if the first and last name fields are empty does it search the company field. The company name doesn't even show in the listing when there are names in the name fields.

    So how can this be a business tool? My database of 600+ customers is not searchable by company. I've got to know the person's name to find a listing. To me this seems totally, totally stupid and not acceptable. Am I missing something? I hope someone can enlighten me.

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    Slower than my NR70 was but i love my Treo 270......
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    Hit the blue button and then the up arrow (the one with the magnifying glass on it). You can search one app or the entire data base for any word or part of a word. Good luck....
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    Originally posted by orangebutton
    Try Finger Dail
    Just tried the trial version a few minutes ago and this thing works like a charm. This could well be the answer for "company search". I think I will buy it tomorrow.
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    I love Finger Dial !

    Probably , you missing some thing !
    Hard to choose between
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