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    I definitely want the design to change. The less moving parts the better. Virtual keyboard and an EVO size screen would be just fantastic. Typing on glass takes a bit of getting used too but once you get it down nothing beats it. It was hard for me to come back to a physical keyboard and since then my speed and accuracy have never been the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imop45 View Post
    and the sprint logo has been sand-blasted into it.

    You can also scratch it and touch ur tongue to it-tastes like metal ltm

    You've been licking your pre?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wv06 View Post
    I love the "river rock" shape and slider on the pre..I have a spint pre and I would obviously like it to have a stronger slider and more hardware(like the Plus but hardware as fast as iphone4 or EVO)

    I hope the pre design is here to stay and we do not get stuck with a candy bar style touch screen with no keyboard..if that is the case I will go to The Epic4g or a new WindowsM7 phone

    *obviously supposed to say WANTS--wont let me edit my typo on the title
    exactly. better materials, better build quality, bigger battery, way better specs. same shape and size. perfect.
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    If the next WebOS phone does not have a larger screen, it will fail. The only people that will buy it will be the current Pre users replacing there phones. This will not help the spread of WebOS. Screen size of 3.7 will be nice.

    Another thing WebOS needs are APPs and better hardware!!! Also it needs to get back to it's PalmOS and business roots.
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    I think the slider form factor would work fine again, as long as the build quality is good and the screen is bigger, as well a the KB
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    I to would like the design to stay, but with a larger screen...longer and wider virtual keyboard in land scape and portrait mode, qwerty key board that slides open BUT this time make it slide open in lanscape instead of portrait. Dual camera's front and rear 5mp and up, dual mic's one on the left and right side at bottom of phone Or even 3 mic's left center and right. Four LOUD speakers 2 in back of the phone and the other on each side of the Qwerty keyboard that will be good for speaker phone talking while your slider is open and the 2 in the back will be good for speaker phone mode while slider is closed and music. Larger keypad buttons with the ability of changing the keypad backlight colors, A large gig size SD or micro card, A stronger vibrater one that you can really feel going off in your pocket like the old school cell phones...they made you jump when they went off. A VLC video player that plays all format's. There is alot more to say but yall get the ideal. Like that commercial says IMO..... PALM YOU CAN GET WITH THIS OR YOU CAN GET WITH THAT...BUT GETTING WITH THIS IS WHERE IT'S AT!........ SO COME ON.
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    Nope. Leave the design as it is. I can see why you might want the option for 3 devices, Pixi, Pre and pPhone, but I like the diminutive size of the Pre with it's real keyboard.
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    The next WebOS phone has been in the works for months and months now. HP is going to have nothing to do with the design or construction at this point. It's completed. If they're having a fall release, they're probably rocking production lines and working like madmen on 2.0 software.

    I don't know what happened to palm after the centro (that thing was a tank,) but they've been coming up with some seriously disappointing equipment.
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    Much the same again please, yes I'd like it slightly bigger, sturdier etc as well. David Vogt's mockup for the mythical C40 are pretty much what people what most people would like to see. But there again I didn't buy my Pre because it had the best hardware as it obviously hasn't. No I plumped for Palm's offering because of webOS.
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    I like Ringtone Joe's idea of a lansdcape keyboard. This would probably indirectly address the oreo twisting effect as the sliding mechanism would be held on a much wider base. I really don't want the phone to be any larger than it is. Just give me 4G and Flash and I'll be a happy camper.
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    I like the current form factor as it fits nicely in my pocket. I would like a slightly larger screen, a better feel with the slider, more powerful CPU, better battery life, more memory and the ability to use a micro SIM.
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    For the new device to sell, it will have to have a large screen. I suggest a compromise; 3.7 in screen, thin, but still with river rock shape, large screen will make room for a bigger physical keyboard.

    We want the new webos device to be still small, but we want the market for the phone to be bigger than just current webos users.
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    I would like to see the same phone shape... With keyboard either landscape or portrait but with a good virtual keyboard to use when keyboard can't be... Also good screen size would be 3.7 - 4" also color options would be nice like a white version....of course better battery life,power,speed ect...and would like some sort of leak or anything
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    I agree about the same basic design, I'm all for it.

    I made a mock up a few months back that I still am pretty into.

    The one on the far left is the final design after a few of us Central members got to discussing it.
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    Nice mockup. But if it was only a few months ago why a mini USB and not Micro?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vasekvi View Post
    Nice mockup. But if it was only a few months ago why a mini USB and not Micro?
    Because I'm lazy, lol. That was discussed in the thread, too.
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    I love the Pre's design and was hoping that they stay close to it and just improve it. Similar to the way apple has done with the iphone. The benefit with WebOS devices is there's no reason they can't release multiple form factors with similar specs.
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    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Dang, that looks delicious! makes me wanna redo my designidé but there is something special about the original look that I really like! Only needs a bigger screen in the same silouette, higher resolution, sturdier build? (I've heard) and a better processer...

    I posted the link in another thread, totally overlooking this very thread discussing the subject at hand. My start at this forum is less than satisfying... hehehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbriar511 View Post
    Yes, but do they have the will to do it? I still can't fully get past HP's CEO's comment about HP didn't purchase palm to be in the smartphone business. I'm not trying to throw a wet towel on things but since the acquisition where's the media blitz to put palm products back on the forefront? If nothing else they should be trying to clear out existing inventory to make room for future hardware. Just don't be surprised if theres a half hearted effort on pushing the new device.
    HP would be foolish to not use their strength in PDA design and couple it with Palm's strength in smartphones
    HP spent a lot of $ to acquire Palm & I suspect they recognize that smartphones are where the Wow is now
    I am not saying you are incorrect, but HP would be stupid not to play to their strengths
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