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    Yeah, I like the Pre's design because of it's uniqueness, but they definitely need a bigger screen and better fit and finish. It needs to feel high-end, which, as much as I love it, it doesn't now, even if you ignore the oreo and other hardware problems that they have struggled with.
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    current design is awesome. a little bigger wouldnt hurt (not evo 4g big please), but that's all the change i need.
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    The C40 mockup is my ideal for the next Pre. I know a lot of us love the Pre as-is as far as size and feel (not build quality) go but while I would love Palm to throw us a bone and just refresh the model with better build, a better/slightly bigger screen, etc, I can't see that being the phone that turns heads towards WebOS. By all means, release a few options but for their flagship device I don't think something almost exactly like the current model will work. That C40 concept by David Vogt is pretty sexy though and I can just see people being intrigued enough to jump from iOS/Android for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mapenn View Post
    I love the current design. I get a kick out of people who say it is "long in the tooth." Seriously? It's only been on the market for 1 year. How often do you people expect to change your phones?

    I guess if the expectation is to buy a new phone and then upgrade every few months, then, yes, it is outdated. If you want to play that game, then you will never be satisfied with anything.

    Sometimes I get caught up in the constant competitive analysis and "must have" discussions. There is some great hardware out there now that specs out better than the Pre. But guess what? By the time most of us are nearing the end of our 2-year contracts, there will be a new Palm device. And, for a few months, it too will have the best hardware and OS on the market. And the world will continue...
    I agree, my pre is in the mail now. I too was thinking about people saying that it was outdated. How could that be? As long as the hardware is holding up (the pre AT&T has mostly ironed that out) what matters mostly is whats under the hood. The pre is selling like hotcakes on ebay so its premature to be burying it already.
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    I need a bigger screen. Bad, old eyes. I think about 3.5 to 3.7 would be great.

    Actually a lot of the problem with Web OS and the Pre is not only the screen size but the font sizes used and the lack of contrast. Web OS uses WAY to many subtle shades. Like the date at the top of the right menu. Light grey on slightly darker grey. PLEASE have a high contrast mode.

    Also many developers use fonts that are too small. All apps should offer fonts size selections. The Weather Channel app is one of the worst offenders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joescan09 View Post
    It's doesn't matter what the next Hp/Palm phone is because I'm buying it no matter what.
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    I love the current Pre design and i don't want a big ugly looking brick like an EVO 4g with a 4.x" screen. Hideous, the Pre fits so nicely in my shirt pocket and my eyes don't need a huge screen (yet). Look at the BB, they have been killing it for years with a tiny screen. Don't get me wrong, I do vote for slightly bigger screen, say 3.5", maybe slightly bigger keys, but the same basic design. IMHO i think the keyboard color scheme on the Sprint Pre is better than the Pre+ however the Pre+ is a better kbd. But lets get something with a look and feel that exudes quality, like the iPhone. Not flimsy plastic that oreos. That is what Apple has over all their competitors, among other things. HP used to be known for the highest quality and ergonomics, i.e. HP calculators. I'd like to see some of that DNA back in the next mobile device. Oh, and of course MUCH faster processor, more memory, removable microSD card (please), webOS 2.0, virtual keyboard build in (for landscape mode), and a document editor so it's more amenable to bidness users like me. I must say i am hooked on webOS and it will take more than bigger/faster HW to get me to switch. Apple is a cult; HP and Palm once were too - time to get back to that to stay in the game.
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    I love how the Pre is right now.. but then I look at the Captivate and it's gorgeous. It's kind of large but the form factor is so thin.

    I'd take something like iPhone size or a little bit bigger. The Captivate is a little big for my taste but I would consider it if it's that amazing looking.

    Speaking of the Captivate, Swype makes the whole not having a keyboard thing 100% tolerable. I would much rather have Swype than a physical keyboard. But that's the ONLY way I would go without a physical one.

    The hardware has to be spectacular though. If it's another lemon I'm gonna be very disappointed.

    A bigger Pre < 4" + better hardware + Swype VK + 16GB + one of those schnazzy dual core processors + whatever else you can add in. :P
    Sprint Love
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjcitron View Post
    I want, the same design, but with a slightly larger, higher res screen.

    that swivels for web browsing and games
    (and also works in portrait mode as well)
    Now that's a cool idea! The blackberry style keyboards are really much more useable than the slightly larger droid style keyboards, that's one of the features I's like to keep on the Pre. But I would like to be able to type in landscape mode.

    (I'm with everyone else in wanting a better build, or at least, one that feels more solid.)
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    >>I love the form factor of my Pre Plus. I think a slightly larger screen and keyboard with a smaller gesture area will be good enhancements. I also like the “river stone” look and don’t mind the plastic. Plastics can be as strong as glass a metal and make the Pre look distinctive. I would also like to see other form factors like an improved Pixi and perhaps a “Preo” with a horizontal slider and forward facing camera for those who like the style. <<

    Me too!
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    I think it's time to think BIGGER. I don't mean bigger screens either. Well ok, every phone gets a bigger screen too. But we are talking about H fricking P here! We need to talk about a whole family of phones. Is one phone right for everyone? Nope, but HP has the resources to build a family of phones with something for everyone. So let's see what will do the trick...

    1. Pre-styled portrait slider.
    2. Pixi-styled portrait w/ keyboard
    3. Slab-styled w/ landscape slider.
    4. Slab-styled w/ onscreen kb.

    now that all the style preferences are covered, no more "first smartphone" crippled hardware. Same cpu, memory and capabilities platform-wide. Include touchstones with all of them. So the choice when it comes to webOS is which style phone do I like best. They are all top notch machines, I just prefer the (insert preference).

    Edit: Oh and a couple more things. Top notch build quality is a must and release them all on every US provider at once and sell them unlocked too. H-Palm needs to shake things up big time to not only get back in the game, but to contend. Times a wastin'
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    Add one more vote for the same basic design, but slightly larger.

    One thing that is particularly important to me, is to keep the curved slider. A curved slider is MUCH more comfortable to talk on than a straight slider.

    You could also marginally improve outgoing voice quality by moving the mic to the keyboard section so it's closer to your mouth when talking with the slider open.
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    same size, bigger screen.. I love the Pre's size, but if the majority of users don't like a large phone, why are the Evo & iPhone sold out? We don't like those because we are loyal, but majority rules so lets see what HP comes up with. They may look to us for suggestions, but they are also looking to see what consumers are mostly purchasing to either get them to switch or just choose HP over HTC or Apple.
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    To put the size in context, with the same screen proportions, an increase in diagonal size to 4" would result in an increase in width of 1/2". I would like a bit bigger screen but that might be a bit much for me, unless some of it can be acheived by decreasing the width of the surround.
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    I love the size of the Pre. I DON"T WANT A EVO'ish MONSTER. Maybe a slightly larger screen. Better slider. Get ride of the bugs in the HotSpot. (Doesn't work with latest Linux drivers.)
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    I like the size and shape of the Pre....really no complaints about the phone just get it a little quicker, maybe a little more storage, and keep the slide out keyboard. I really like my phone.
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    Does anyone know if we have a poll on this topic?

    Something like:

    1. Keep the Pre form-factor
    2. Make it a slab - no moving parts - onscreen kb
    3. Make it like the traditional Treo - static kb
    Just call me Berd.
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    If HP_Palm wants to increase market share and keep webos alive they must make a device with a larger screen, larger/better battery life, quality hardware... And KEEP the keyboard.. I love my sprint pre but I need more game playing real estate.
    just my 2 cents
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    I really love my Pre, but in the future, I wouldn't get another if they made it much bigger. This was a HUGE selling point for me and my husband. Him especially since his phone has to fit into a buttoned shirt pocket for work, and all the other candybar phones don't. We seriously considered not even getting a smart phone at all because they were all so big until someone suggested the Pre.

    ETA: I don't mind the slider, except that the rough edges catch my fingers when I'm holding it and its uncomfortable. What I mean is, I balance the phone (slider open) on my pinkies and type with my thumbs, and the rough edge is something I don't like. Not unbearable, but I've had other sliders and they didn't have that issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Does anyone know if we have a poll on this topic?

    Something like:

    1. Keep the Pre form-factor
    2. Make it a slab - no moving parts - onscreen kb
    3. Make it like the traditional Treo - static kb
    It would be a good idea for someone to make one, I did not think when i started this topic i would see so many other people that like the pre factor when the general cell phone carrier employee complains about the pre often..
    It seems everyone wants better specs(given) and a solid hardware but most like the general form factor of the pre and would like to see it stay.

    I think they could pull of the Pre with a 3.5 screen without changing it much
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