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    I think the form factor is brilliant.
    The slide out keyboard means that you don't need a larger screen.

    So my vote goes to the same form factor, maybe slightly bigger but most importantly; thinner.

    Then a better build quality, with better materials and (much) better battery life.

    I'd be OK with HP/Palm offering different devices to accomodate different usage/tastes. If you want a huge 4" phone, that's your choice and it's fine.
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    Brushed aluminium body !! where now the plastic is + slighty larger + up to date specs
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    If the screen goes bigger, I won't be buying the next Palm product. I like the Pre as is.
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    I'm all for the form factor staying EXACTLY as it is. The form factor was a huge reason I chose the Pre over a Droid or iPhone, which seem like tanks to me. My incredibly smart phone is the same size as a dumb phone and I like it that way.

    If you can increase the size of the screen without increasing the size of the overall device, I'm all for it, but I don't want the overall device to get any bigger.
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    I'd only like to add that the keyboard on the original Treo was exactly the right size for fairly fast typing, and one handed operation. If they can get something like that into a slightly larger Pre (but keep it thin), we're in business.
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    Add me to the list of loving the current form. It fits in any of my pockets comfortably, unlike the iphone and most of the Android bricks, looks sharp and works for what I want it to do. I can see upping the processor and memory and maybe cutting the gesture area to increase screen size but I wouldn't mess with the form.
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    size is spot on. One of the main reason I went for the pre. It meant I could still get it my pocket without the need for a man bag that you need for the Iphone or HTC phones
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    I'd be perfectly happy with a palm pre plus slider and with getting a larger screen by going all the way to the bezel. a touch larger would be okay but I don't want to have to attach helium balloons to it to talk on it for longer then 30 seconds
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    Quote Originally Posted by m13kyf View Post
    size is spot on. One of the main reason I went for the pre. It meant I could still get it my pocket without the need for a man bag that you need for the Iphone or HTC phones
    I agree. Keep it the same height and width, and as thin at they can get it with the slider.
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    The design is fine (though I'd like to be able to lay it flat and type) it's just the fit-and-finish / build quality that is a problem. And battery life too, but that's an issue for allot of "Smartphones". The USB door does need a re-design, even though Palm won't admit it - there's obviously a problem when hundreds of them are all cracking in the exact same spot.

    I actually just bought a Sprint "Bad ESN" Palm Pre off of ebay for $70 and have been using it WiFi only. After exchanging 3 Verizon Pre Pluses I decided I'd live with the problematic keyboard. It really is frustrating that I have (now 4) keys that don't always respond when touched. I would have swapped it out yet again but decided since all of the other known Palm Pre issues were OK I didn't want to chance it. If the Pre Plus sold as well as an iPhone or Palm was as responsive as they should have been I think the keyboard problem would have been properly addressed. It irks me that this older Sprint Pre's keyboard is perfect, and I like the orange highlighted numbers too. I may try and swap them (just the keyboard or membrane) but it seems like it could be an arduous task.

    If it wasn't for homebrew and the Mobile Hotspot feature I definitely would have gone the Android route. And my wife loves her Pre Plus (no keyboard issue) but laments daily about the lack of specific "Apps" she sees and wants on the Android or iPhone. Although instead of individual platform "Apps" - a better solution in many cases would be a universal mobile-formatted website. Not sure why that isn't done more often. In many cases when asked by people about my Pre I ultimately recommend they go Android. Or at least warn them about the many issues I and others have had - but I don't want to hear from them about how many Pre's they had to swap to get a good one (that hopefully stays good). If Palm had done a better job responding to issues I would at least feel better about recommending them to others.

    So sure, the Pre design can stay as long as HP gets on the ball and fixes the issues that plague it (as Palm should have done) in the second gen version.
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    I like the smaller keyboard because I don't have to move my thumbs around a lot.
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    I honestly think the size and shape of the Pre is almost perfect just as it is. I definitely don't want something bigger. Better-stronger-faster is great

    I'm a mobile professional so my full notebook computer is never very far away. But my Pre has to go with me everywhere. For me, getting rid of the "bricks" that were my Treos (which in turn replaced the PDA+phone combos of years long past) is one of the best features of the Pre!
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    Same form factor, slightly larger screen (slightly larger phone overall, if needed for that is ok, but not too big), thinner if possible. The size now is actually really nice for everything but watching movies and playing games. I don't do either often, but it would be nice to hit that happy medium closest to our current form factor.
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    It will be difficult to please everyone. Why not maintain the original form and create another one:
    1. original form with the portrait slider
    2. a 4 inch screen with lanscape slider keyboard

    On the current form, its very difficult for me to browse the internet specially the browser's double tap to zoom in doesn't work on blank area of the page. You have to do it on a paragraph. Also clicking a link causes to click another link next to it. Maybe because of fat fingers but maybe the screen is just really small.

    Due to the lack of app, we are forced to use the browser for now.
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    I would like for them to make it a little larger, fit in a 3.7" or 4" screen.. likely 3.7" to keep it comfortable. make the slider more reliable, as well as all the buttons. and make the device a hair thinner.
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    I'd like to see the next generation Pre come in 3 form factors:

    1) same size as the current one (but with stronger build, faster precessor, and better battery, of course.)
    2) the bigger version of the same. Screen as much bigger as they can get without the whole thing turning into a brick, and keyboard just a little larger.
    3) horizontal form factor, with the smaller screen size, unless that steals too much room from the battery, in which case, just enough larger to fit the battery.

    I guess they should keep the Pixi, too, athough it never excited me.
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    I agree. Same vertical slider design but bigger and more space for a real extended battery. I'm tired of having to rely on Seidio for extended solutions.
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    I want a pre with a slightly larger screen, no white button and a landscape sliding keyboard.
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    You're not the only one OP.
    Palm III > Palm V > Palm Vx > (Sprint) Kyo 6035 > Handspring Treo 300
    > Handspring Treo 600 Oct.'03 > Palm Treo 700P May'06 > Treo 755P Aug.'07 > Pre(-) June'09 + TouchPad July'11 LONG LIVE webOS!!!
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    I want the same size/shape with a faster processor, a gpu, more ram and memory, smaller gesture area and larger screen going all the way to the edges, glass front bezel (I don't mind a plastic back). Stronger overall slider and hardware and MICRO SD SUPPORT!!!!
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