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  • Yes release simultaneously on every carrier

    195 76.47%
  • Release with a short waiting period between carrier's (1 month)

    20 7.84%
  • Release with traditional waiting period (6 months)

    2 0.78%
  • Release with one month waiting period between carrier's and Let H/P pick up the advertising bill

    38 14.90%
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    Absolutely. HP should be running a massive WebOS non-carrier centric ad campaign. The success of Android is primarily due to the fact that it is not carrier centric. In order to play catch-up HP and Palm need to prove it as well. It's not like the ads are for current users anyway. We definitely don't need convincing.
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    I remember reading (or hearing in an interview, can't remember which) that HP plans to spend a total of $2 billion on the Palm acquisition during the first year, including the original stock purchase ($1.2 billion) and the remainder ($800 million!) on additional funding for R&D and marketing. Even if it's half and half, that leaves a frankly astounding amount of money for marketing, numbers that Palm (and the carriers) could only dream about. Even if you cut out a chunk for integrating the companies, that still leaves a phenomenal amount of money for marketing.

    Imagine if HP does spend $200-300 million marketing Palm and webOS over the next year. That would go a long way toward alleviating many of the concerns voice on this thread.
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    wonder why you are all so excited about advertising.

    make media drool of the specs, give it a fair price, dump sprint exclusivity and sheep will follow. And start selling apps international. Usa are a big market, but the world market is WAY bigger
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    The MyTouch slide isn't THAT big of a hit. So maybe the Pre2 or Pixi2 or Pre Pro or Pixi Pro or whatever they are gonna call it can go to T-Mobile. This way most of the major carriers have a Palm phone. BTW, I personally think the new pre (or pixi) should be called the Pre Pro. It has a nice ring to it
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    Quote Originally Posted by SmoothCriminal View Post
    I personally think the new pre (or pixi) should be called the Pre Pro. It has a nice ring to it
    I rather like "Palm Prime" myself. Then again I am a massive Transformers nerd. :-P
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    The Pre & Pixi were released on O2 in the UK and the problem with that is O2 itself. O2 UK (can't speak for the rest of europe) doesn't advertise phones only services, the only time we see an TV spot for their phones is when the manufacturer is paying for it and O2's logo gets added to it. Hopefully however HP decides to distribute Palm in the future their advertising budget will be larger.
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