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    The palm car tour is coming to my city this weekend? Should I check it out? I probably will to show support, but I can expect a palm shirt or 1.4.5? What did you get out of it?
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    On Day 1 in San Diego they gave me a $25 dollar Visa gift card.

    On Day 2 they gave me a leather case.
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    where do they post the schedule?
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    I wish they would come to Cleveland, I always see the pictures on facebook and it looks pretty fun. I want my t shirt palm!!!
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    They were in Chicago when the Blackhawks were having their Stanley Cup parade... Like I was going to be able to find them in a couple million people... <sigh>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    where do they post the schedule?

    Palm Summer Tour | Facebook
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    Their schedule skips the southeast entirely.
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    How they going to come to TX (Houston and San Antonio) yet not come to the Dallas/Fort Worth/DFW area....are they insane?!?

    If you want appearance and to show off your brand etc...THAT is where you go in TX!

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    Lies... they said they'll be at all other countries where the Pre is sold too. For so long I haven't seen anything in Canada. Palm, we have Pre users up north too!
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    I hunted them down on the Atlantic City, NJ boardwalk and I got a T-shirt and 2 cases (very nice!)(my husband talked to one and I found on further down).

    It was just fun to talk to someone with the same passions.. oh.. and get free stuff.
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    Come to New Orleans please, i'll take you to Bourbon

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