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    I really need a new webOS phone too. The touchscreen of my pre stopped working on about 40% of the screen, so some apps can't be used now and my phone is out of warranty :/ Come on Palm, give me something to replace my phone!
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    I am in the same boat as everyone. When they do come out with a new phone I plan on getting three one for me, one for my girl and one for my baby moms. They would make so much money off just me. I swear it's like crack of something. I work at a coffee shop, caffine is worst but this phone is up there. I need my fix! LOL
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    I officialy have new phone fever. If I could find an Evo, I would buy one. If I can't find an Evo by the time the Epic lands, I will buy an Epic. Now, before I get the "c ya later" reponses, let me say that I plan on buying this phone off contract. That way I can use my upgrade to buy a new (hopefully) HPalm WebOS phone when it does come out. I figure I can either pass the Evo/Epic on to my wife, or sell it to basically get the WebOS phone for free with the upgrade discount.

    Of course I would prefer that HPalm just F'n announce something so I could resist giving money to thier competition.
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    Can't find an Evo, and I can't help but think Palm is missing a great opportunity here. The Evo is generating a lot of traffic through sprint stores right now. People with money to spend that can't find what they are looking for. I'd wager the Epic 4g is about to cash in on that fact. Wish it could have been Palm instead.
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