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    One of the primary reasons I acquired a Treo 300 was in order to access my company's intranet (for Lotus Notes and Sametime) via IBM's Everyplace Wireless Gateway. After installing EWG, it fails to run since it requires Palm OS 3.5.3 at a minimum but the 300 ships with 3.5.2H6.0.

    The Palm site lists an 3.5.3 update patch to their version of 3.5.2. Is this safe to do on the Treo? Can anyone suggest any workarounds?
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    This is not likely to work and may cause some major issues. Before you try this, I would recommend you email Handspring's tech support just in case they might respond back to you.

    and of course, please let us all know what happens.

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    I would actualyl email IBM, and try to find someone in the massive giant who will disable the section of code that checks for OS, and basicly force the app to attempt to run on your device.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Good thought, now to find that needle in the haystack in our internal leviathan structure.

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