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    If Hp/palm were to release a palm2 not plus one suggestion is to make the keyboard something like the allias 2 where if you turn it to the side the letters will rearrange maybe in alphabetical order with the symbols at the bottom... Its just my suggestion
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    so this would apply to a virtual keyboard..
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    Quote Originally Posted by gangland View Post
    so this would apply to a virtual keyboard..
    hahaha I imagined all the keys rolling around like marbles rearranging themselves when I read it.
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    I'd rather they ask Sharp to build the phone and make the screen twist 90 degrees.
    Sharp's really good at making twisting screens as on this phone:

    I've seen one of those phones, that twisting hinge is built way more durable then the sliding mechanism on my Pre.

    Oh, Fujitsu also makes a twist screen phone, but this one is a slider, too. Basically, an Oreo Pre done right

    (Please excuse the Japanese, just checkout the slide-twist mechanism at around 00:10)

    Or, other Japanese companies had demonstrated keypads with e-ink labels, that would work, too.
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    Here is a video of the Alias2 that the OP referenced.

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