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    Why don't we just carry a laptop around as well?! At that point you are eliminating convenience. So it is pointless at that point. Hopefully there will be a webOS phone with video chat.
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    There isn't even an API to access the back camera feed live, yet! Developing and producing a hardware addon like this would be to expensive and niche to be worth it. Also, I'm not sure how it should even connect. Bluetooth? So then it needs it's own battery? USB is more or less out since the Pre hardware isn't wired to do OTG as far as I know. Mechanics is a problem, as well. Is it a backcover replacement? Then it would have to look at you from under the keyboard which isn't the most useful position for the camera to be... Or from the side, which creates other problems. It would significantly increase the size of the device as well. And all that for a little bit of video chatting when the software isn't even on the horizon?!
    The next Palm phone needs a front facing camera included. As well as USB host. Adding a front facing camera to the Pre just isn't realistically possible, though.
    *** are you talking about?!!??!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkzone View Post
    Last weekend we went to the Omaha zoo and used the front facing camera(EVO 4G) to take a pictures on a train and the ski lift...this is one situation where front facing camera was needed.
    Hee, the first time I rode the Skyfari someone had dropped their cell phone in the rhino enclosure. OK, I'm easily amused.
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