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    This is something I noticed a while ago but it wasn't a problem till I recently changed my number.

    My voicemail number is for some reason set to "+123" instead of the suggested "*123." (voicestream) However +123 used to work from my home area (not when roaming for some reason). Now i have changed my number and +123, and therefore my voicemail speeddial button, does not work.

    Editing speed dial entries will NOT let you edit, delete, paste, etc in the voicemail number field. At least not that I can figure out.

    Does anyone know any way I can change this? Probably with a hard reset huh.
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    This works for me.

    When in speedial, hit :menu: e.
    Tap on "voicemail"
    Change the number.
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    I think you need to contact your carrier if your voicemail is locked this way on the SIM card. They can reset it over the air. Once it looks normal agin, you should be able to edit it.
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    This works for me.

    When in speedial, hit :menu: e.
    Tap on "voicemail"
    Change the number.
    But what exactly do you do to change the number?
    For me I can arrow or tap in the field, but no cursor will be displayed (I can't select either). Keys don't do anything.

    I can change the name without a problem.

    Another clue: with wireless mode off, if I try to edit it says I can't until wireless is turned on!

    I don't think it is on the simcard, when changing numbers I also changed to a new sim card. The +123 was there as before.

    Anyone else?

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    Best I could do is make my top right button "Voicemail" and *123. The top left is stuck to +123 but I renamed it " " so it looks almost blank. Not a solution but at least a compromise.

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    Can you move that one to a different page? Then at least you wouldn't have to waste a front screen spot.
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    As in my case I do not use my Voice Mail.
    So, I Edit the Speed Dial Buttons while the Wireless Mode is ON and change the Name for the "Voicemail" to "HOME" and the Phone number to my home phone number... and in this way I did not wast any front screen spot...

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