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    Go check out TxtMsg.

    It allows you to get alerts of weather sports etc. on your Treo 300 or any other Treo via SMS. It also allows you to ping servers for uptime/downtime alerts!

    The coolest thing it does is allows you to setup group SMS addresses and the group can be made up of folks on several different networks. You just need to know what network the phone is on and then send a distributed sms to the group.

    The Sprint network does not support outbound sms but this website which is a free service works sweetly in Blazer right down to the cookied entry. Set it and forget it for responding to inbound SMS. The Sprint site does not work well in Blazer but this service does.

    PS a tip: it is not at all obvious how to send a message when you first sign up. You must create a group even if it contains only one person. Then send a message to the one person selected from the fake group. Weird but it works.
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    Interesting, but a brief glance at the Service Agreement says, among other things:

    2. COST OF SERVICES. TXTMSG services are presently provided to CUSTOMER free of charge. In addition to the services set forth above, CUSTOMER shall receive messages on the first (1st) and fifteenth (15th) of each month sent by one or more "sponsors" of TXTMSG. Any advertisements sent on the first (1st) and fifteenth (15th) of the month by a TXTMSG sponsor shall contain the phrase "sent by TXTMSG.COM". A CUSTOMER acknowledges that, while the TXTMSG services are free of charge to the CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER may be charged a fee for air time used in accessing TXTMSG services by CUSTOMER's PCS Cell Phone provider. TXTMSG has no part in setting any of the fees charged to CUSTOMER by CUSTOMER's own PCS provider nor does TXTMSG receive any fees from CUSTOMER's PCS provider. CUSTOMER must contact their individual PCS provider for more information regarding any service fees that may be incurred in accessing TXTMSG services.
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    Maybe this is not such a good recommendation after all. So my next suggestion is to check out AOL Instant Messenger instead free from\anywhere. Yahoo discontinued their Palm client about two week ago.

    I tried sending an SMS email from a GSM phone to a Sprint phone using the address <9 digit number> It works very poorly because you receive a URL to visit to see the message. The URL is either incomplete or is not Blazer compatible because you see nothing when you browse the URL.

    Here are a few more options I found in Google:

    Most of these systems send an advertisment footer with them. That is the price you pay for the free service, I suppose.

    The ultimate goal is to get Sprint to fix their messaging page on the web so it works with Blazer. I am going to write to them about it.
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    What happens if you simply send to the 10 digit phone number from the GSM phone?

    I send from my Treo 180 to cell phones ALL the time. I admit not all phones are receptive, but . . .

    Just asking...

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