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    Hello, everyone...I apoligize if I'm not posting this in the correct area...each time I "send" an e-mail from my Verizon Palm Pre Plus it does send the e-mail, but I can't find it once it's been sent. When I go on the Pre's e-mail app, it never shows any messages sent. When I sign on to my AOL account, it doesn't show it there either even though it 'was' sent and received by the other end. Any help would appreicated. Thank you.
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    When you open your email app hit the tab on the right that drops down a list of email options such as inbox, outbox etc. "Sent" should be an option. It's toward the bottum on mine.
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    Go to the email app, scroll down and you will see the email account name with a button right of the name pointing right, press it and it will drop down a menu and your sent tab will be there.

    Hope that helps!

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