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    Im on, and HPalm will be presenting first. Cant wait to see what Jon has to say
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    I'm on right now, probably won't hear much, but anything is better then nothing.
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    they are on now!
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    they start out with a iphone joke asking is pre has signal issues by holding it a certain way
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    The library computer has headphones, but won't letme unmute it.. so anyone want to type the important things they say?
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    HP saying they were late to the game and thats what their mobile unit didnt take off.... nothing on palm yet
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    thanks for posting...
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    "we are trying to leverage our scale for our webos device products"
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    Jon is talking now and question asked is what stood in the way of palm?

    A: Market got really competitive too fast for us and that we couldnt get to scale to be more profitable
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    Jon agrees that marketing sucked
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    "we do not intend to get out of the smartphone business and we will continue to sell smartphones"
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    Is it "The WebOS"
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    Talking about how great webos and how easy it is to design apps, the great user experience and how important it is to own the OS to give the customer the best experience available.. blah blah blah nothing we have note heard before.
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    Everyone gets a free palm pre, there will be one waiting in there room. Only cost the $3000 or so to be there
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    Q: How many people own Palm WebOS in the audience

    A: Not answered :/ BUT GUESS WHAT! everyone gets a free palm pre with ATT and free service from ATT for 90 days
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    Slate, they say haven't yet, not won't .
    MS is still their largest partner, plan to bring out an MS device for business / comercial.
    When will you release it: soon. This fall.
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    Q: Windows 7 tablet coming out didnt happen.. When will webOS come out?

    A: Never said it wont happen, said it hasnt happened yet. We will unveil a product "Soon"

    edit: This Fall
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    Q: Why do we care webOS is on our printer

    A: Our printer will have 7 inch screens and you can print googlemaps, coupons, etc directly through the printer using webOS
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    Jon says webos on: Smart phones, slates, Netbooks
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    Q: Jon talk about new products

    A: We are now integrated with HP, so netbooks, smartphones, printers and slates all based on the foundation of webOS operating system will be delivered...
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