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    With an increasing amount of private data on my Treo 270, I'm concerned should I ever lose it. I don't want to set a universal password for the unit because I use it several dozen times a day, and it would be a major pain in the @$$!

    I would however like to encrypt or password protect certain memos, address cards, or notes attached to appointments. Anyone know a good utility for this purpose?

    Another option might be a "combination" utility that would allow you to turn on the Treo by pressing a [programmable] series of buttons. For instance to turn it on I might choose to press the PHONE button 3 times follwed by MAIL button once. Admittedly, this wouldn't exactly be top tier security, but it would be a relatively painless way to enhance protection of one's private records. Is there such a utility?
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    SplashID is great - I use it for all my confidential stuff. Nice gui too.

    - Matt
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    I use the freeware TopSecret. No desktop client, but it works.
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    Check out PDA Defense (formerly PDABomb). You can find it by doing a search at
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    Get PDA Defense. It's great. I have mine set to password lock only after 3 hours of inactivity. The phone rings through even when locked. And I can encrypt sensitive stuff like my bank accounts and passwords.

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