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    Had a question..... I know from experience on a Treo 90 that you can use the up/down keys to actually hgihtlight individual programs on the main menu and then press enter or what have you to open them. I wanted to know if there is a way on the 270, (which I currently own) to actually select an individual program and open it with the jog dial or a shortcut of any kind. Why do the up/down arrows as well as the jog only allow you to scroll down the page?
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    I know of no way to select apps using the jog dial like you can on the Treo 90.

    However, have you checked out the infamous PowerJOG for Treo (separate from regular PowerJOG offered on PalmGear)?

    I say "infamous" because it's been mentioned here frequently. Like the "infamous" El Guapo (in the sense that the Three Amigos interpreted the telegram, and not in the sense in which the telegram was written ... you following me on this? Infamous good, not infamous bad.)

    It's neat because you can press in on the jog dial, and a list of applications pops up. Rock the dial up or down to highlight a program, and then press in on the jog dial to launch the program.

    I've also heard very good things about Switcheroo, which is not jog-dial-oriented, but rather lets you immediately launch a program by pushing your pre-set activation key and then the app key you've assigned to it. Hard to explain. Try it out (it's free) and you'll see.

    I'm constantly impressed by the ingenuity of Palm OS application developers, and their almost prescient ability to come up with utilities that add much-needed functionality to the out-of-box device. Way to go, developers! Thank you for making us users' lives easier and enhanced by your great stuff.
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