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    Hi everyone - a quick question for you all -

    I may have missed it in the docs,but is there a way to set the Treo to bring up the _palm app launcher_ when you flip it open (and not answering a call) as opposed to the speed dailer phone screen ?

    I bought the Treo to be a Palm that I could use to get wireless data occasionally and a phone here and there as opposed to a phone that happens to be a Palm unit. I didn't want to carry two things around if I could get away with one.

    Anyway - ideas or fixes anyone ?

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    TreoButton or Buttons-T. Check PalmGear.

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    You can also use the Prefs panel Buttons to map the Launcher (called Applications here) to a hard button. I remapped a button to do this. You now have a Go Home button.

    Of course if you run McPhling hack, you hardly ever need to go there nyhow.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    With that, and the pointers on getting Earthlink to connect for data services (darn ISP) things are hunkie dorie.

    Once again, thanks for the help.

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