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    Did a search, didn't find anything...

    So if I bought my Pre off of Amazon and still have the warranty, should I contact Palm directly for a warranty replacement (oreo effect) or should I try taking it to a Sprint store?
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    Palm Support : In-warranty repair services (US & Canada)

    ....or you could try a Sprint store. Some stores will be willing to help others will tell you to talk with Palm.
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    My phone has the spidercracks in it on my face. Very annoying and of course I didn't get the insurance on the phone --- (will not make that mistake again...) so I am looking at craiglist and looking for PALM PREs. I am going to inspect for scratches and check the ESN prior to purchase. But purchasing for lower than the insurance $$$. Then I plan to get the insurance and put the bodyguardz on it for protection. Also going to pay for it to be done. I like the PRE and of course with the announcement of 2.0 later this year, with microphone API....(whenever we see it) it should be a great time for rooters and PALM PRE enthusiasts.
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