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    Hi all.

    I'm afraid I already know the answer to my question, but I want to make sure with the experts first. I'm trying to find out if the Treo 270 and Treo 300 share these two fatal flaws.

    I know the 270 has no memory card support - does the 300? Again I know the 270 has no analog support, does the 300 or is it PCS digital only?

    I guess I should justify why I call these fatal shortcomings. I can't believe that ANYONE would release a current model PDA without any expansion capability - even the crippled memory only SD/MMC slot of the Treo 90 is better than nothing. So much data is available these days that even with the 16MB main memory, it's just not enough. A $500 device should NOT be a step backwards technologically.

    The lack of analog support is even worse. My wife and I tried a pair of Treo 180s and they worked well (except for the screen and our tired old eyes) within the GSM are, but when we approached the edge of coverage and out of GSM are, the phones got staticy and then went dead. This was annoying to say the least.

    If the 300/270 share this failing, I don't know how anyone that travels outside of metropolitan areas can justify spending so much money on these devices. I don't know about anyone else, but if you look at the coverage maps for GSM and PCS, there is A LOT of geography that is NOT covered.

    If the Teos do fall short here, I guess we're going to have to pass by and wait for something else. This is really annoying because we so look forward to dropping two devices (phone & PDA) in favor of one (smartphone).

    Of course, this is all my own opinions. Your own mileage, opinions, and / or expectations may vary. I'm not looking for a flame war, just some information.

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    The Treo 300 is single band, which means digital only. Which was a downer for me as it means because of Sprint's "Nation Wide CoverageĒ I will at be out of contact at times. And no there is not any memory expansion which wasnít a big deal for me, but it would have been nice. But there is only so much you can stuff into such a small package. What it does have is the earphone jack, the USB/serial connector, and the IR port.
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    For a lot of people, though, these aren't shortcomings. For instance, for me, I've thrown everythign I want and more onto my Treo and I still have about 50% of the RAM free. Is 16 megs really not enough for you? I guess coming from the IIIx with 4 megs (a lot at the time!) makes me grateful for what I have.
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    For me, yes 16 megs is not enough. My palm is also my ebook reader. When I got it, I reluctantly replaced my Rocket eBook reader with the Palm. Now I'm happy with the decision - the Rocket had a nice, paperback sized screen that was very easy to use, but it was 2.5 pounds. I miss the screen (very much - I have bad eyes), but I don't miss the weight at all.

    Since I do my reading on my Palm OS device and I travel some, I always have 3 128MB memory cards fulls of reading material. Each card also has a duplicated /palm/launcher directory of 25+MB. I usually manage to empty at least one card a trip. I read a lot and fast.

    So, yes, for ME, no expansion support is a BIG liability. Altough, like I said, your mileage may vary.

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    Wow. I have tremendous respect for anyone who can read that much on a palm! I thought I read a lot of stuff on it, but nothing compared to you!

    As for solutions, I'm clueless. I want to say that you can't do it, but I'm not entirely sure of that...
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    I never thought that I would be reading books on any electronic device. But I have found that I now actually prefer reading on my handheld. I had reduced my reading in part because with my eyesight these days reading became too difficult. At least for me it is easier reading on my Prism. And despite the smaller screen it works quite well on my new Treo. Though I havenít had much time to do much reading on it yet. I just wish it was easier to convert my library to E-format. It would also be nice if others would follow Baenís example and offer E-book versions.
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    This may be too much of a kludge, but I am doing something similar. I am hoping that whenever they get around to getting my web connection working to call up and get travels directions with my Treo, then beam the data to my Prism that is connected to a GPS.

    You imply that you now have a PDA with memory support. Perhaps you could use that machine to read the memory card then beam the data. Filez is a program that might help there. But I donít know how well that would work with larger files. The largest file I have beamed so far is 127k, which is a little bit less that half the size of the average sized E-book that I have.
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    That would work, but I read 15+ megs a day. That takes just a LITTLE to long to beam. This idea also ignores one great benefit of a Treo like device - only having to carry one device. When I am away from my PC for any length of time, the memory card is essential to carry along enough reading material.

    I also wasn't too sure about using an ebook originally, but the first time I used a larger font, I was sold. eBooks are a blessing for those with aging CRT burned eyes.

    It's beginning to look like the Treo communicators aren't going to work and I'm going to have to wait until Kyocera releases the 7135. It has the features that I want, but unfortunately it's bigger and heavier - although still lighter than my Clie and phone.

    This is such a shame since the Treos are available now and our phone contracts are expiring soon. I'm going to have to pay the higher monthly rate on eight phones until the other devices show up.

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    The Kyocera 7135--coming in the next few months--will have an SD slot. (It may also be sold through Verizon and thus have more coverage--I have no idea, though. I don't remember if it has analog capability either.) There's also a flip phone coming from Samsung that may also have some of the above.
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    Yes, I wrote them Kyocera the other day and they said the 7135 will be released before the end of the year. It does sound more like what I want - SD slot (although I don't have any SD/MMC cards yet - another "standard" to spend more mony on) although I don't know if it has SDIO capabilities, tri-mode PCS, Digital, and Analog coverage. In features, it's a lot more like a full featured PDA and phone merged than the Treos are IMO.

    I'm almost certain (I HOPE) that Verizon wil carry it. They carry the Kyocera 6035 and since Sprint has that 6 month exclusive deal with Handspring, they are almost certain to carry it if they want a newer generation smartphone unless, of course, they just want to stick with the new Thera Pocket PC based phone.

    From what I've seen, Samsung's phone (Bluechip??) looks to be practically, if not really, a clone of the Kyocera 7135. The only problem with the Samsung, they are completely mute about it to the general public. I've only seen things like rumors on Palm InfoCenter.

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    In features, it's a lot more like a full featured PDA and phone merged than the Treos are IMO.
    What features make you say that?
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    Expansion slot, high color screen (although not high resolution), MP3, trimode phone, graffiti (i know this one is highly personal, but I like the flexibility this offers and the only thing I DON'T like about the Treo keyboard is two keys for "home"), the availability of a full size keyboard (I use my PDA to take notes in classes and meeting - I tried a thumboard for two hours and it just didn't work for me - arthritis is Heck).

    I know that many of these can be subjective. That's why right from the start here I've said this is my opinion only and I'm only talking about MY needs and nobody else.

    I DO like the Treo line. I think Handspring has made a good first attempt. It's just, for me, it's too much like going backwards. It's like using my wife's Prism and our old dual band Startac. It's a great first step, it just needs further development for what I want to do. That's really annoying because I want to buy these phones NOW and the Treo is available now. I just think that as the devices stand now, I'm going to be better served waiting to see what Handspring and others come out with in the near future. Things have moved pretty quickly lately on the smartphone front and I won't be surprised if Handspring and others move this evolution on very quickly.

    Sorry, I know I can be long winded sometimes.

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    Well when I was at Best Buy yesterday getting some screen protectors for my Treo I saw that they had the foldaway for the Visor for $30. So I picked one up. I am going to try to hack one of the three connectors that came with my Treo into a Visor to Treo adapter. That would also make it easier to use my GPS on the Treo.
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    I hear whats being said about the ebooks, I read all the time and most of the time when I want to read I am no place near a paperback cause I don't carry them with me every where. I was using a 6035 for a while and it worked well but was real tough for me to read in the day time, even if I was not in direct sunlight, I always got a glare on the screen. I am anxiously awaiting the arrivial of my Treo from sprint. the color screen will work better in the lighting condition I am looking at as well as being easier to see at night. Doubling the memory for me is a great thing. I'm more fortunate that I spend a great deal of time around or near home that when I finish a book I can put another one on and keep going. I don't read enough anymore. Between waiting for the 7135 and the Treo the descision was made of which one to get just by the simple fact that I had a Visor Edge, Deluxe, and Prisim at one time and I really liked Handsprings take on it. Its a well thought out idea, though like what was already said the expansion would be a nice touch, as would Tri-mode or heck even dual band....... Not that I offered any wisdom, I just wanted to throw in my 1 cent

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    I think that the reason we don't have analog or expansion memory in the Treo 300 is because adding it would have enlarged the form-factor of the phone. More people would hate bigger than would love those incremental features.

    Perhaps given a longer R&D cycle, they can figure out how to squeeze more in for a future release.

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