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  • Treo 600

    1 1.54%
  • Treo 650

    9 13.85%
  • Treo 680

    6 9.23%
  • Treo 700w

    0 0%
  • Treo 700p

    6 9.23%
  • Treo 755p

    14 21.54%
  • Treo Centro

    16 24.62%
  • Treo 800w

    1 1.54%
  • Treo Pro

    2 3.08%
  • I Didnt Own A Treo

    10 15.38%
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    Cast Your Vote For The Best Palm Phone Before WebOS

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    If Only The Treo's Evolved Along With The OS

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

    Twitter: @LordSecksie
    TextOne: LordSecksie
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    Kyocera 7135

    Palm OS, though not Palm hardware
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    755p was an excellent machine. Out of principle, I can't vote for a winmo machine. The Centro was pretty great too, but I never did like the keyboard that much (though I think the Pixi keyboard is great).
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    I'm going with the Treo 600 because it was a tank, didnt brick like the 7xx series (had lots of hardware problems with them) and it wasn't as glossy and curvy as the 650.
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    This was my first real Smart phone and loved it. In many ways so far ahead of its time. I still see people using this phone.
    Loving my Pixi. Yes I am a guy and own a Pixi, get over it.

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    my treo 700p was outstanding, and it's still sitting on my desk saying...pick me up, feel my great keyboard and dpad, take out the stylus and play bejeweled and dope wars...

    good times.

    always liked treo name better than pre or pixi...
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    Owned a Palm VII and Treo 650. I loved the Treo 650, it did everything. Was solid as a tank, yet small enough, curvy, and felt good in the hand. Had an SD card slot that matched my camera, MP3 player, and printer. Also had loud speakers with crisp ringtones.
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    My favorite Palm Phone was the 800w, followed closely by the 700wx.

    In terms of Palm device, I still miss my good old m505
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    I'm torn 755 & Pro so I can't vote
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean-Troy View Post
    I'm torn 755 & Pro so I can't vote
    Tell You The Truth, Ive Never Even Seen The Pro Out In The Wild

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    Still using my GSM Treo Pro.
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    i had several 755p's after having a 650 for 2 years. i found it to be made less sturdy and had tons of glitches with the billions of $$'s of apps i had on 650.

    im willing to bet those voting on 755p didnt have 650 first?

    of course, if i never had the 755p i would never have had the instinct to invest in palm, hoping they were making a 'sorry the 755p has been such crap' replacement, and wouldnt have earned several hundred dollars on my small $100 investment in just a couple months. the announcement of the pre at the ces con way back when took stock thru roof. then after i sold 50% to purchase my pre the stock dropped back from $18 to $3.50 or so and when i knew hp was buying them i bought more and then earned more money when the takeover came into effect. hp paid all the palm stockholders for the stocks we held and then palm stock got removed from stock listings.

    so theres always a bright side to everything isnt there? :P
    Cat up a Treo (now on the Pre, yo!)
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    Palm user since "the one after the pilot" and still horde a drawer full of pda models as well as cradles and fold up keyboards because i was too greedy to let them "go" when they could have "went".
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    Any1 Else?

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

    Twitter: @LordSecksie
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    I am biased (of course), so I voted for my 700p...which still sits in a charger on my desk.

    I just can't throw that loyal tank away. I could drop that thing on to cement and it would still keep ticking. In fact, I did, many times. Also had a 650, but I have to go with the 700p for the 3G. Battery lasted all day. Browser sucked, but that was the OS's fault, not the device.

    I still miss many things about the old PalmOS though.
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    755p FTW
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    The Centro was a solid little device. I had mine so loaded up with 3rd party stuff and mods and it never complained. Loved those metal switches too. I still have and use it (no radio) since I bought so many great games on it that I cannot get on my Pre +. Another phone that didn't get enough quality promotion..
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    I've had 3 different palm smart phones before this pixi that I now have. The first was the 600w? I think, it was windows based, it was physically tough but the windows OS was a little clunky, them ihad the 700p which was a good phone, also very tough, and the palm OS was far superior to the windows on the previous phone. The 755p, which is the last phone I had was a workhorse. I could go almost 2 days withoit acharge, and that phone has been dropped many times from height as high as 15' without so much as a hicuup. One time the batterry cover broke off and the battery went flying out of it, put the battery back in and taped the cover on and it was still working. My vote was for the 755p. It took me 2 1/2 years to find something better. This pixi is the replacement. And so far I'm very happy with it, but it hasn't been subjected to field abuse yet.
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    The 700wx because you could multi-task with it.
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