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    Nimer -- thanks for putting that proposal together. It's thorough and thoughtful. I'm all for it. Let's hope the folks at HP read these forums. Someone there has to, someone whom I'm sure is as big a fan of the WebOS products as we are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pre-fan View Post
    $400 million is still a very significant capital expenditure, even for a company of HP's size. Blue chips do not tend to throw that kind of $$$ around without clear analysis showing an equally significant return on investment. I'm not saying it's not possible - it would certainly create many media mentions. But buzz doesn't sell products. Products do.
    all it needs to do is sell 4 million phones in order to recover costs. they spend 1.2 billion buying palm, and the mobile space is getting more, and more competitive. Android is getting a playstation add on, microsoft is coming out with windows mobile 7. It being made by microsoft helps. Nokia is preparing to launch meego, and no one really knows who palm is. 400 million is probably a bit to much, (just a bit), but if Hp is serious about gaining market share they're going to have to spend money. It's not who has the best product, it's who consumers think has the best products.

    If palm delivers on the software, and hardware side, hp needs to do the same on the apps, and advertising end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    HP, once again, proving they're doing things on the cheap. 2.5 years ago, Apple did the same thing with the iPhone Developers Fund, except it was for $100 million and they already had a full up SDK available to potential developers. That's how you fill up an app store ... and make back your money.
    iFund was a venture capitol investment thing unrelated to Apple (though encouraged by it). Unlike like the Palm contest, you're expected to pay back the money with interest. The Palm contest is straight up: if you make something good that sells, you get bonus money.
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