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    Not to sound sour, but wouldn't this thing have to have a very powerful graphics processor and high powered cpu to do these cool graphics tasks? I wonder about the rendering speed given the probable lower specs of a WebOS tablet. Perhaps it could be used as a very functional graphics input device for a higher powered desktop machine?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    he's not serious, he's making reference to Steve jobs post, where he said if you make a stylus you've failed..

    And he's ofcourse also making reference to Steve jobs giving palm props on webos.
    Thanks for the explanation. Steve Jobs' pronouncements are of zero interest to me, so the irony was lost on me.
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    wait, so PALM, PAD, PEN, (and if flash does come through) P0RN. with inductive charging capabilities? well im sure just about everyone can think of a joke on their own with that kind of lineup
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    That YouTube video is great. Reading through all of this, watching the video, and just dreaming, shows me how much is missing from iPad. They really kept it basic and simple which I believe fits with the audience they designed it for.

    A Palmpad with some of those advanced features we see in the video combined with clean and intuitive webOS, would be a awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    I gather that the pen uses a different technology, so I would imagine that you would select pen input and then the capacitive input would be ignored. Just my guess though.
    If I may be a little boring - the Wacom screen recognizes when a pen comes near it. This could be the trigger that switches off the capacitive layer (maybe even saving power in the process). So this would have to be done in the split second when the pen approaches the screen before any skin makes contact. For the rest of the cases some computing would have to be done to avoid bizarre effects from accidental touches while using the pen. Not trivial but doable.

    That said, I think the entire 'penabled pad' rumor is just that. Would love to be wrong this time however.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    please, please, please pay Ms. To port onenote...
    I use OneNote as well but remember that anything ported from MS will deflower your battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen00 View Post
    Freshly posted on the Examiner website, apparently an insider tip has confirmed the use of a Wacom type pen on the PalmPad, similar to the ones used in the HP TM series notebooks.

    HP webOS 'PalmPad' tablet will have digital pen

    I am very much in favor of this, as I've really wanted a pen for use in applications that require precision, such as ScummVM, and it would make for a great drawing piece, maybe even tempt Adobe to make a PhotoShop port for it!
    Me too. It would be much more handy for students and professionals alike. I have nothing against a digital pen or stylus option.
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    So how in the world did this get resurrected?
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    It wouldn't hurt if this did catch wouldn't even necessarily have to use it for the device functions (some on-device sketching/note-taking wouldn't hurt, though) and if it could be paired with a computer to be used as a drawing tablet, that would be pretty nice and would fit in with the ecosystem two-fold (precision input device and then whatever other syncing they're planning).
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    I'm excited. I use a Wacom tablet and enjoy it. I figure it will be similar to the HP Slate. Here's a video promo for the Slate. It shows use of the pen -- just like others have said by working people.

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    This is a good thing. What is the harm of having a stylus? It is optional and expands functionality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gastr View Post
    if the stylus works similar to this:
    (edit: damn i can't post links yet; go to engadget and paste this in the search box "Stylus capacitive pen is worthy of an oFace (video)")

    then i can see it working really well as a tablet for using photoshop on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    same... maybe if i keep saying it: palmpad, palmpad, palmpad...
    Since the term palmpad was rejected by copyrighters I think Touchpad is the new term. but that's pending too.

    Galaxy uses Tab. we need our own. why not slate? IDK how about plate. Yes, the HP plano or lapPad. or WebPlato...
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    As others have stated, more options = better. Except Apple wins the "***** can do it" test. HP will likely target a slightly different market which may limit its market share.

    Everyone I know who was scared of "smart" phones feels at ease with an iPhone. I can't underestimate that even though I prefer productivity over easy. I don't mind a small learning/adjusting curve, but if it's too long or steep, I don't bother which really kills productivity.
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    This is excellent news. I hope it's true.
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    VERY interesting if true. I have a Lenovo X200 Tablet which has the Wacom digitizer.
    The technology is pretty amazing. Under the display is a grid of coils. It pulses RF energy up to the pen, the pen gets enough power out of it to then respond with information such as button pushes and pressure on the point. The coils listen for the response and triangulate the position of the pen. Ultimately, what that means is the pen can have several buttons along with pressure and even tilt position (on later models), all with no batteries.
    What you get is some ridiculously accurate drawing. This is a LOT more than just a resistive stylus, folks.

    Combine this with some good handwriting recognition (which is possible, Windows 7 stuff is amazing), and you're set.
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