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    I live in the Philadelphia area and I am about to travel to Europe for the first time with my Treo. My wireless service provider is VoiceStream and they have no problem activating my phone to work over there. There is not much information available about wireless data however.

    I have Earthlink as an ISP. I have noticed, while traveling in the US, that there are many places where the phone works just fine but data connection doesn't. Earthlink has many access numbers in Europe. Have any of you been able to wirelessly access Earthlink in Europe? Also, does any of you know if SMS works wolrdwide? Will an SMS message show on my Treo sent to me from the states while I am in Europe?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    My 270 worked great last month in Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, Nice, and throughout the Cote d'Azur. I know it's only 900 MHz, but it worked fine.

    I made sure to contact VS and turn on both the ability to MAKE overseas calls and the ability to ROAM overseas.

    I was able to make ISP data calls from there, most of the time without problems. But it was pricey, as I was calling my ISP back in Maryland. Good for quick email checks. But my ISP is Verizon. I didn't try accessing european numbers for my ISP.

    I also set certain email rules for some messages to forward to, so that I got a notice of incoming mail from those people via SMS. That worked well.

    SMS I found worked partially. With some people it worked fine, others could get messages but not send them to me, others vice versa.

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