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    The first time all my bookmarks disappeared I thought no biggie must have been my mistake. Now that is has happened again I am not so sure. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Using Blazer 2.0 Build 49
    Treo 180
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    Yes, this happened to me as well (three times until I figured out why).

    What usually causes it (for me anyways), is if you run an older version of Blazer (1.0/2.0) from a Springboard module (like the Xircom 802.11B, etc.) or install an older version, it will erase your Bookmarks. If you launch the older Blazer, then try to run A newer version, the Bookmarks are missing.

    I used a freeware utility called "Pcompress" (Like a Free WinZip for the Palm that I've used for about 4 years now) to compress and backup my Blazer bookmarks. If I were to ever lose them again, I could uncompress them to restore their original state.

    The PCompress utility can be found here

    I hope this helps you
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