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    Installed it on my Treo 300 and it connects, my buddy list is pulled up, but it gives me an error that the version is out of date... I'm using the latest version. Anyone out there get working Yahoo Messenger working?
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    Do a search, a previous discussion can be found here
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    You're getting further than me... it just bombs on my Treo 180 straightaway.
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    On Blazer you can try to get to Messenger. It's geared toward a mobile phone and NOT the Palm OS. Esentailly, on a Treo or Palm device it sucks.

    I'm quite unhappy that Yahoo has been IGNORING all my requests for help on this for weeks and weeks. Shame on Yahoo!
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    Yahoo used to list the Palm OS client on this page (in the left-hand column of the page):

    As you can see, there is no longer a Palm OS client.

    Looks like they're taking it away from us for good.


    Looks like they gave it the Monsignor Martinez treatment ("Vaya -- con Dios --" BANG!)
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    Oh, I see what you mean about the interface for the WAP version being kludgy. But still, it's good that you can, at the very least, access the messenger from a Palm device.

    Good info! Thanks for posting.
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    This whole mess annoys me. Access to YMessenger was one of the primary reasons I got the Treo. It'll be a pain to move my contacts to AIM. I'll wait it out, see if they update it.

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