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    OK so I know it sounds insane, but the local NBC affiliate in Orlando Florida has reported that the levels of nickel in cell phones can cause allergy type symptoms in some users.

    So lets throw it out there. Have we Pre people been affected???

    Forum modulators feel free to remove this if it sounds to crazy, I just wanted to get a feel for what the people have to say.

    PS: Eating chocolate can do the same thing allegedly!
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    I haven't seen this news report. I have had my Pre for over a year and I am allergic to nickel. No problems for me.
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    Yeah, I had a friend who had to be very careful about which phones she buys because even the slightest hint of metal (I believe it's mostly nickel that's the issue for her as well), even in the paint on the buttons, will cause her skin irritation.

    I believe she ended up getting a normal flip phone and then putting a plastic holster case over it for protection, because pretty almost every phone made has at least some traces of metal. (She wasn't interested in a smartphone at the time, so it doesn't relate specifically to the Pre in this case though).
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    Im extremely sensitive to Nickel and have had no issues with my PRE Thank goodness!
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    Well, I am sensitive to nickel and can only wear gold earrings because of this, but not having any problems with the Pre.
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