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    Personally i'm still under contract with O2 UK til 2011 so i have to wait awhile yet. Be nice to hear of a couple of new Palm superphones if only to silence the doom mongers amongst us.
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    My Pre, and Homebrew has made me a WebOS / Palm fan for life.
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    Until CES
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    I am eager to see what palm comes out with and I am eager to see what Blackberry comes out with. This august, I hope something exciting hits the market, for me at least. I would like to upgrade sooner than Nov/Dec.

    I've seriously considered iPhone, but I wouldn't be able to live without my physical keyboard, and really, what I use it for, an iPhone wouldn't offer me many advantages at all.

    I've seriously considered BB9700 for the bbm mostly, its hard to deny that bbm is awesome. I'm big on the social stuff, and bbm would be awesome to have. But I can't live with the BB browser, I use the browser religiously. And the touchscreen on the storm is not gonna work with me. No multitouch, no dice.

    Android doesn't even show up on my radar. I live in canada, but a guy I work with came in from the states and let me play with his evo, and I'm not really impressed. Its like a bigger HTC legend. Android = sad Alex.

    But really, the BIGGEST thing keeping me on webos is synergy. Social view on android phones doesn't cut it for me, winmo's lag makes me hate although I like the UI, Blackberry calendar doesnt compare to the pre's IMO, and iPhone also = sad Alex.
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    If they don't announce something tomorrow im gone
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    I can wait for as long as I want or need to, because I'm not impatient.

    But seriously... I've had to wait patiently for things my whole life, so waiting for any new product release from my favorite companies is nothing to me. For example, as an Apple fan ever since I knew what a computer was, including during Apple's dark ages. I waited and waited for years until the day came when Jobs was brought on board and released the iMac and iPod.

    I was able to wait years for Apple to turn around, so the MONTHS it takes to wait for a new Palm product is nothing.

    What helps me deal with the wait is to kinda stop following the news for a while... and then spend a day catching up. All of a sudden, I'm updated with all the news I missed. Better yet, many times I discover that the new product has actually been out for several months, which totally negates any wait that I would have had to "endure". For example, I JUST found our Devo recorded a new album, and it has actuall been out for a good month or so. Therefore, not only did I realize that there's a new Devo album, but it's actually out now! So for me, it's like! "What wait?"

    So my advice is... Just enjoy what phone you have right now and stop focusing on new releases. Because before you know it, something new has been released AND you won't have to wait for it long (if at all!)

    Yah dig??
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    Also keep in mind that stressing yourself out, geting angry at Palm, threatening to jump ship or any other kind of negative reaction to lack of news from Palm concerning upgrades or a new device is not gonna make Palm release it quicker... for in the end, when the new device is released and in the hands of consumers, there will be two kinds of people:

    1. The consumer who waited patiently and spent the last N months eagerly awaited the new Palm device in a completely calm state...
    2. The consumer who ripped their hair out, threatened to leave for the iPhone and basically spent the last N months all stressed out because Palm didn't release info at the "right" times and "early" enough.... and who got their new Palm on the same day as the person above.

    In the end, both got it on the same day, but one is certainly more jittery than the other. I certainly don't want to be any more stressed out over a new device than I need to be... and I never need to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ieko View Post
    Until CES
    I'm likly simliar, that driod x after awhile doesn't seem soo bad to deal with, at least theres new technology and apps. Don't get me wrong webOS is still on the forfront, but its not getting pushed yet. We shall see its still young with HP.
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    Not forever, but probably longer than 2 months. I really think we're going to hear something around October in preparation for a release near the holiday shopping season, though.
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    I have a year to go until my contract renewal is available. Until that point I am happy with my PIXI.

    Seriously some people are so impatient.
    Loving my Pixi. Yes I am a guy and own a Pixi, get over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teejay69 View Post
    I'll keep my Pre until it falls apart.
    shouldnt take long...

    but seriously.. I will wait until something is announced... It will be less than 6 months from now and with homebrew constantly making the Pre better, 6 months is no time to worry about... If the new phone is amazing ill prob buy it at launch, otherwise ill wait until next June when I get the full discounted price.. WebOS + Homebrew = best mobile OS ecosystem out there

    iPhone + Jailbreak is alright too but its not technically allowed so forget that
    Android is alright but Android is too much at the mercy of the handset manufacturers for updates and that blows... and no nexus one on sprint so forget that... (for the record the evo is freaking beast but I just cant bring myself to leave webOS for it)
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    I'm with palm, as always, for the long haul.
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    I'm out of contract right now! I hope HPalm releases something by this Sept/Oct!
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    I'll be eligible for an upgrade with Sprint in Dec 2010. I'm pretty confident HP/Palm will release a new phone by then . . . I feel sorry for the folks who are eligible for an upgrade now and don't have a new Palm phone to try out . . . especially those w/ Sprint who can't even upgrade to a Pre Plus . . . that's just WRONG.
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    Until I'm due for a upgrade in the Fall just before the Holiday season.
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    I am very happy with the Pre Plus and can wait it out, but would love something akin to the Evo/Droid X but from PALM.

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    For me it just depends on how bad I want a new phone. And since I'm cheap I'm going to wait until my upgrade thats in November. I really like webos so I think I'm going to wait forever. After all the longer I wait the more money I can save for the best one they come out with. Oh and my brother has the EVO I don't like talking to him since it sounds like he is in a barrel. That and I don't like the fact that android looks for key works in your emails and text messages to better target you with ads. I'm not sure if webos does that but I hope not and if it does I don't want to know.
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    I can wait exactly 3 weeks, 4 days, 1 hour, 9 minutes, 345 milliseconds, 423,754 nanoseconds and 970,321 femptoseconds from the time this is posted assuming I am not experiencing time differently due to the effects of relativity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R_E View Post
    I can wait exactly 3 weeks, 4 days, 1 hour, 9 minutes, 345 milliseconds, 423,754 nanoseconds and 970,321 femptoseconds from the time this is posted assuming I am not experiencing time differently due to the effects of relativity.
    wow really specific aren't ya? LoL! I'm willing to wait till dec 2011 that's when my contract is up.
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    I know both of my kids will be waiting till June of 2011 because I am the only one that has the premier upgrade, lol. But seriously, I too can wait until next year (I feel it will probably happen late fall of this year) because I love webOS and my OC'd and patched Palm Pre, it does everything I need from a smartphone at this time.
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