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    Looking to hotsync Treo 180 to desktop:

    Desktop connected to wireless Access Point (802.11)
    Access Point connected to LynkSys Router
    Router connected to Cable Modem

    Anyone with clear instructions on how to configure Desktop and Treo for modem hotsync?

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    I thought about this a little more and have this to add...

    Remote HotSync via a network or via modem relies upon TCP/IP packets to communicate with your PC where your data resides in either Palm Desktop or Outlook (or some other PIM).

    1. For a remote cradle hotsync, you have to sync once on the your own PC (where your data is) and then sync using a remote pc which has Palm Desktop and a cradle. The TCP/IP network transports the HotSync request to your PC using the remote PC as a host for communication. This usually works well in a contained organization succh as a business network. You may run into problems with firewalls though as a particular port is used which is very often closed on servers

    2. For a remote modem HotSync the object is exactly the same, your PC is sitting waiting for a HotSync signal but coming in over a modem. Your PC must be on and waiting for an inbound call on the modem line. You can also dial into a gateway modem on a network and perform a network hotsync via TCP/IP to your PC.

    Your original question though concerned a Cable Modem. The problem is though that Cable access to the internet does not really use a modem in the sense that Palm HotSync uses it. Cable Modems are not really modems - they are routers. The same goes for DSL modems - they are routers on an Ethernet or IP network.

    You are going to be able to remote HotSync using cable Internet access. You don't have a number to dial into to get to your PC. Hook a modem to your PC and call that instead.

    A good reference: MyWirelessPalm Remote HotSync guide

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