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    I switched to Sprint in June 2009 for the Pre and it's been the best cell phone experience I've had. I don't know if I just have a great store or what but the folks at the Sprint Store in Layton, Utah are great. I'll sum it up quickly.

    After buying the Pre I ordered a Touchstone online from a 3rd party vendor, when it arrived it didn't work. So I took it to my sprint store to see if it was operator error and They just swapped it for a new one on the spot. --Problem Solved

    6 months later my Pre had the stuck headset jack problem. I took it in and they tried cleaning it, That didn't work so they just ordered a replacement. It took 1 day to arrive (side note - I did have TEP). --Problem Solved

    1 year and 10 days later my Pre developed a crack from the usb door heading to the screen (about 1/4 inch long). I cancelled the TEP @ Month 11 so I was not longer covered when this happened. So I went to the store hoping for some mercy and I got it. They ordered a replacement even though I didn't have TEP and was outside of the 1yr Palm warranty. --Problem Solved

    When I had problems with Verizon in the past they were not likely to help. Good Job Sprint, Keep this up (and the cheap prices) and soon you'll catch up to the other guys.

    To be honest if the Homebrew & Pre-Central community didn't existed the phone wouldn't be nearly as great and I would just switch to the EVO, As it stands now I'll stick around for the next WebOS Device, and Please let it be Touchstone Compatible. A TS in the car coupled with Mode Switcher is the only way to go.
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    Same great service in SLC.
    I've recruited many friends and they're all been stoked with Sprint's coverage, prices and CS.

    I've been wanting to cancel my TEP as well. I think my local store would still honor a free fefurb seeing as how I've gone through 5 Pre's.
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    Yeah, Better hardware would be a bonus right about now. I'm in Ogden, SLC, and Park City mostly and the coverage has been great.
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    I am also a switcher from verizon to sprint for the pre, I could not be happier

    part of what made the switch possible was pricing, between my wife and i we save nearly 14 hundred bucks over two years. part of that is a discount, but alot of that is sprints own policies (like allow my discount to apply to her as well) and including so many of the features verizon charges for in my plan from the get-go.

    I may be moving in a year to an unknown area, and will have to decide if coverage in my new location warrents re-upping my contract, but if it is possible, i will definitely be staying with them.
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    been with sprint over 10 years...they're pretty darn good these days. Had an excellent CS experience this CS I think I've ever had, actually. Very pleased customer here.
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    Sprint seems to be the Rodney Dangerfield of U.S. carriers.
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    Ive been with Sprint 10+ years also with no problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    Sprint seems to be the Rodney Dangerfield of U.S. carriers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Balzak View Post
    Ive been with Sprint 10+ years also with no problems.
    Odd, I've liked Rodney Dangerfield for over 10+ years?

    Just a quick question, has anyone seen Sprint and Rodney in the same place at the same time?
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    I am really happy with Sprint too, left Verizon over a year ago with no regrets and I can't complain about the extra 550 dollars in my bank account. Really can't comment on my local Sprint store though, bought my Pre 13 months ago and haven't been back since, no problems yet with my Pre, best phone that I have ever owned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by housetube View Post
    Odd, I've liked Rodney Dangerfield for over 10+ years?

    Just a quick question, has anyone seen Sprint and Rodney in the same place at the same time?
    Was intended to be a cryptic reference to Dangerfield's "I don't get no respect" catchphrase. Verizon and AT&T seem to get all the publicity, while in many instances Sprint provides better rates, more reliable connections, and superior customer service than either of the "big two". Seems an oddity to me that they don't get more "respect" in the marketplace. As much as I am pro-Palm over Android, I sincerely hope the success of the Evo 4G is in the long run a good thing for Sprint.
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    sprint customer for 11 years now, and they are awesome.. When I bought my pre last october, my rep went over it with a fine tooth comb before giving it to me. I'm still on the same phone, and not one single problem.. I'm in greensboro nc
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    8 plus yrs here and I will never leave. They helped me with a issue today and never let me down in 8 yrs.
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    I've been with Sprint for about 8 years. When I first signed up, it was due to them simply having the best value to service ratio in my area. The customer service at the time was atrocious.

    In the past few years however, I have seen a marked improvement to their customer service (both in store, and on the phone), as well as the network. And my bill has even gone down.

    So you can count me as another happy Sprint customer. haha
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    Switched to Sprint from att 2+ yrs ago. Never had any problems with Sprint. To be quite honest here, I never had a drop call with Sprint. att, I had a batch full of drop calls and Im in San Francisco Bay Area... The pricing is unbeatable - super cheap and customer service has improved drastically. They are more friendlier and more willingly to help you! I am happy with Sprint
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