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    Well im hoping for the pre 2 we get the dual core omap4440. As far tas the gpu goes i think we'll get the GSX540 or SGX545 (35 MPolys/s, 1000Mpx/s@200MHz)

    what would be amazing would be to see this chip on the pre the sgx543 is in range of xbox

    SGX543MP4 (four cores) 133M poly/s, fill rates in excess of 4Gpixels/sec @200 MHz

    By the way this is all by the same manufacturer. It is rumored that the psp 2 will have this chip.
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    Either that, or whatever chip the Nintendo 3DS is running.
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    And half an hour battery life.
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    How would you water-cool your phone?
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    Who cares about a dual-core GPU, when our OS doesn't properly leverage the ones we've already got?

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