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    When the GPRS patch becomes available, does anybody (beta testers) know whether there will be a data tracker/log to monitor the data used?

    Also, in the standard SMS program, is there the option to send to an e-mail address instead of a phone number? My current Nokia lets me send SMS as e-mails. I am then required to enter the e-mail gateway which in the case of my provider is 0000000000.

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    The Treo seems to send emails fine from the SMS app... just enter in an email address at the To line. It just doesn't look them up well, you just have to look the email address up normally in the contacts and copy and paste it into the SMS program.
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    Not true. On the "To:" line...type in the first few letters of the persons last name. Then click RETURN.
    A list of contact mobile numbers and email address will come up. Jog down to the email address you want and push the jog dial in.

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