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    I put this question in the the general webOS cat. but didnt get any answers...

    first of, i know i could have searched for hours at other faq, and posts, but i have been at this all day already, and am getting annoyed.

    I got the webOS, Java, doctor, all of that.
    I REALLY want the Keyboard Patch, but i have to have the Preware.
    I hit the blue arrow in the webOS quick install, and the list comes up, i go to palm pre, then click preware. and download. then close, and it comes up in webOS. i hit install and it comes up that it is refusing to connect, and bascially it cannot find my phone (yes it is plugged in, and on just charge)

    I followed the direction on Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes with WebOS Quick Install page.
    everything it told me to do, i did and when it said

    "You will be prompted to Connect Your Device even though it is already connected. No worries. It just needs to install Novacomd so that it can see your phone. Just click OK (highlighted in yellow below)."

    That never came up. and i dont know if novacomd ever installed.
    so then i went to file-options-attempt novacom reinstallation, and still wouldn't find my phone. (even though th directions say go to tools-options-... its not under tools, its under file)
    I did turn on the developer switch, and i have checked to make sure its still on. I also have already tried rebooting my computer and my pre.

    so now what should i do??
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    Did you update Java? Do not skip that step.

    Are you on a Windows PC or a Mac?
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    What operating system are you using?

    I am running vista x64, had to install the SDK to get it working, but now works great!!

    Try installing the SDK, even if you never plan on using it, it may work for you.

    SDK Download - Palm Developer Center

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlee2001 View Post
    Did you update Java? Do not skip that step.

    Are you on a Windows PC or a Mac?
    PC, and yes i updated Java
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    Windows XP, i will try that.
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    Just to make sure you have the best directions, follow these: Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
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