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    We've all read the articles about Android OS being ported to various other non-Android devices such as the HTC HD2 and the iPhone. Was wondering if anyone has played around with porting WebOS to another device?
    It would be really cool to see an iPhone 4 running WebOS as well as draw some much needed attention to the OS.
    We've got some VERY smart and inventive people in these forums. I know someone here has the drive and know how to give it a run.
    Come on guys, show those Android folks how it's done!
    The Saint
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    not it wouldn't be cool and this is like the 9th thread about porting.
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    Something would have to be done about the gesture area. That seems like a big obstacle to me.
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    bottom part of the screen could be the gesture area.

    thats basically what it is now, without the screen.

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