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    Hi All,

    This has probably been done to death, but am still very undecided what is the best software to use. So far I have settled on the following.

    Browser: Blazer - Free, does colour, Easy to use. Handles WAP. No Javascript

    BUT: Avantgo seems to handle some sites better and I already have Avantgo because of the Offline thing. EudoraWeb works nicely with the Eudora Mail client, but no graphics. Also plus is that it syncs with my favourites on my desktop.

    Email: Eudro - Syncs with the desktop, and allows you Download through a Filter. Easy to use. Can hit a link in an email and go to the site. There are some faults... eg. Client downloads from the desktop as well as pop server. No multiple select, in random order.

    One-Touch... Nice, but nbo desktop Sync, No Colour. Also paying $30 for the new client is a bit ridiculous.

    What are you using, ie. what do you think is the best combination. 3 browsers is 2 too many.
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    I don't consider two browsers too many. I never use AvantGo for live browsing, but use it all the time for offline browsing. I guess I could use it for live browsing, but I just enjoy using Blazer more. In my mind, AvantGo isn't really a web browser, but rather a recepticle for material gathered by my computer.

    As for e-mail, I use BaseJet for the last 2 days worth of e-mail (really all I ever use) but because I can, I use the Palm OS mail client to copy my inbox, should I need to reference something a bit older.

    Perhaps this method is not the most space efficient, but each program has it's duty, and the whole kit-n-kabootle costs me zilch.

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    I really liked BaseJet, but, I wanted to be able to use it as a POP client as well. BaseJet doesn't seem to have this option.
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    Eudro? What is Eudro? It syncs with your mail client and does pop 3 mail? Stop teasing me. god I hope that wasn't a typo for eudora. Please.

    For mail I use Eudora and One Touch.

    For browsing blazer, eudora and rarely avantgo.
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    Eudro? What is Eudro? It syncs with your mail client and does pop 3 mail? Stop teasing me. god I hope that wasn't a typo for eudora. Please.
    You wish is my command.... Eudora does pop mail, and is able to filter it BEFORE it downloads... One way to not get all the SPAM. I have set it to only download mail that is addressed directly to me. All other mail I can get and delete from the computer. I have got it syncing to my Outlook Express Client.

    The Url is Eudora Website
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    Iambic Mail is what I use and I like it very much. I can not filter out spam mail and that would be nice to be able to do.

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    I use Xiino. It's basically Palmscape. It's advantages are:

    Handles "some" javascript

    Handles really long web pages (blazer, Avantgo and Eudora all crap out at varoius sizes. Xiino handles pages up to 150k).

    Does graphics pretty well, they can be turned off.

    You can lock a web page in the cache for later review.

    You can export pages to Memopad (many if it's a large page)

    I use Eudora for email and EudoraWeb for most browsing. But when I need some graphics I use either Xiino or Blazer.

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    I just remembered I also keep OneTouch on my Treo when I want to check new mail and my computer is off (since Basejet talks to my computer, a GREAT feature, but makes it impossible when my computer ain't on).
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    I use mailer. I liked it better than the other ones mentioned.
    Its pretty fast, easy to configure and integrates well with the treo.

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