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    After trying to check mail, got a fatal reset. RESET button (not switch) does not reset the thing. Proceeded with hard reset (at the back). Device does not go to preferences and STUCK at Palm powered.

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    I just had a similar problem. While checking and sending email (Eudora) the device didn't react anymore. A softreset resulted in a blinking screen that said 'palm powered' for a split second. But a hard reset helped.

    Unfortunately, I was formating my PC to install my OS again when it happened. A backup on a CD was a couple of days old (long story...) so I lost some data. Very unfortunate...


    ps: it seems you were performing a _soft_ reset. To make a hard reset hold the power button and press (or pin :) the reset at the backat the same time until it asks you if you want to errase all the data. Try it, it should work. But the device will be wiped after that. You got a backup...?
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    Treopolis is right. You were performing soft resets (it preserves what's in memory). You need to perform a hard reset. It sucks, in that all the data will be wiped out, but if you have synced recently, the disruption is minimal.
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    The safe boot of the Palm OS world is oft overlooked. This is an intermediate reset which starts Palm OS without any system extensions or hacks. It is most useful when you have a looping Visor or Treo (or any Palm device).

    System (sometimes called Warm) resets are not too easy to perform but save your data (or bacon).

    Press and hold the up scroll button. While doing this, flip the Treo over (its best to have the lid closed). Now soft reset and flip the Treo back over so you can see the screen. Dont let go of the up scroll until you see the Palm powered logo. You should be left at the General Prefs screen and the Enable Ir Receive should show OFF. If you can turn it on then you havent done it right. IR beaming is an extension in palm OS and will not be loaded if you system reset correctly.

    Anyhow if you have a looping problem and it keeps looping you probably need to try again.

    I have seen looping on a Treo 180 where it could not be stopped . I think it relates to SMS. If you dont clear out your SMS database once in a while and it gets corrupt, you can lose everything. Dont try to use purge if this happens to you. Just use Delete in the apps launcher and nuke the whole SMS database. this worked for me.
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    I nearly forgot to mention that you have to fix the problem that was causing the looping. This usually means deleting the last app you installed. Sometimes you can see the application in the Launcher delete list and sometimes you cannot. If you cannot, you may need something like Beabbox or zCatalog file manager to delete the specific file.

    After you are done deleting the file, soft reset again to restore normal operations.

    If the buggy file comes back after a HotSync, you need to repeat the procedure but this time make sure you nuke the file in your backup folder on the PC too before the next HotSync. Any file with the backup bit set gets sent to the Backup folder in your user folder by the system conduit.
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    I had the same problem with Eudora. It happened when I was downloading many messages (at least 100 on server). I couldn't recall how to perform the safe boot (annoying because I recalled its existence) and wound up performing a hard reset. At this point I couldn't check email, which was very annoying since I wasn't traveling with my PC.

    Questions: does anyone know how to avoid this problem?
    It is it caused by too many messages on the server?
    Does a safe boot fix it?

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