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    Hey everybody. I'm just collecting a list of cases they use on their Treo, wether it be the Treo 90 or 300... And how you use your case.

    I currently use the Treo Belt Clip but it rubs against the back of the phone causing minor wear.

    I also have the Treo Action Pack case, but you cant use the phone while its in it.

    Belt clip for everyday use, Action Pack for tossing it in the gym bag.

    I have yet to see a case i could really use; thin, sleek, and not slippery! I cant count how many times i dropped my Nokia 8290 because it was slippery.
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    Action Pack - they had it at CompUSA when I bought the phone, so I picked that up (and the desktop cradle) at the same time.

    I'm fine with the action pack - I prefer a pouch that I can slide the phone in and out of - and I like the padding and the pocket in the back which is where I keep my headset.

    I'll probably stick with this until something really nice comes out. Maybe later this year.
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    do you have scratches on the back of your phone? i dont know how mine got them, but any ideas on getting it replaced for free from Handspring?
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    I doubt you'll get a replacement for scratches. And (while trying not to sound condescending and/or offensive) I don't think you deserve one either. Scratches are part of normal operation, similar to reduced batterylife.
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    I use the free leather case that came with Visor Deluxe years ago. Ain't the prettiest thang, but it keeps it from being scratched while in my briefcase, and since I'm such a cheap bastid, I got no beef with it.

    Did y'all see the other thread about buffing scratches off the clear plastic? I'll see if I can dig up a link to it. It was on TreoCentral somewhere. Might come in handy on this topic.

    Ah, here 'tis.
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    I must say that that thread came in useful last night! I was sitting down in the city park to watch a Midsummer Night's Dream and putting on bug repellant. I made sure to keep the Treo way out of way!
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    I use the Action Pack as well. My only complaint is that it attaches around your belt, or belt loop, with a strap instead of a clip. Which means if your wearing shorts without belt loops, you can't use it whereas if it attached with a clip you could. I chose the Action Pack over the Belt Clip because the Action Pack provides some padded protection against a drop while the Belt Clip provides none. In the end, I thought this was the most important criteria for a $500 phone.

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