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    From the google:
    "At CTIA 2010, Verizon spoke to Engadget and revealed the latest details of its LTE rollout. Tony Melone, SVP and CTO at Verizon, said that 25-30 networks would be launched this year, with one third of America receiving Verizon LTE coverage by the end of 2010.

    LTE coverage will double in size within 15 months of the initial rollout, and by 2013, be the same size as (or larger than) its existing 3G coverage. Melone also assures us that Verizon won’t be ignoring 3G in the mean time."

    I'll wait for their coverage to double, which will line up with my upgrade date...
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    I would think Palm learned their lesson with trying to go the Apple-exclusive route. Multi-carrier release/support is a must.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaccPalm View Post
    These same sources told me the Knicks are getting Lebron James . I am getting my Lebron James Jersey ready.

    One faction is going to be ****ed if its on one carrier. All these folks who got there phones at AT&T are going to be ****ed if it comes out on Sprint and vice versa if it comes out on AT&T. My money ( from my sources ) is AT&T but that was before the buyout.
    So based on your sources, we can all agree it's coming on any carrier but AT&T?
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    its def sprint, since the Pre is an aged device, they'd want to nix any pre's and than follow suit with the Pre Plus's
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garage91 View Post
    with regards to the op, I doubt it. July 12th is HP's keynote and they have a couple of sprint higher ups speaking. My moneys on a Sprint announcement then.
    As a Sprint user, this is good to know.
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