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    If you ask me it will take a few more years until a tablet-sized device comes out that can run Windows 7 smoothly and still run for a whole day. A customized version of Windows 7 won't solve anything, either it wouldn't run most of the software or the sofware itself would not run because the device itself does not meet the necessary specs.
    Microsoft should be happy with running on Desktops and Laptops...
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    Yeah, the whole tablet world is leaving Microsoft behind wishing it had a role it could fulfill. But a decade of hobby-shopping their tablet PC concept has left them ill-prepared to respond to its new market direction. It's simply a lost opportunity for them.
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    the 2nd thing they will do with winmo 7 is drop it on a tablet

    they might get lucky - but the kin debacle is scary
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    WinMo ending up on a tablet will happen over a few dead bodies at MS. WinMo 7 doesn't give a tablet experience that MS would allow to happen, it's not just a big phone like Apple has made people believe.

    There are a couple tablets out there with Windows 7 that are OK, and there are some nice windows addons that could actually make Windows 7 on a tablet a nice idea. Drop the standard windows GUI, look at some of the alternative shells, get a couple of the windows gesture systems actually stable and suddenly you have the potential for a very good tablet.

    Not where near what the webOS slate could be, but then again, we wouldn't want it to be.
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    windows 8 is the answer... It willbe way more touch oriented.
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    HP and Palm should work together and extend HP and MS relationship by making a slate using:

    1. WebOS and Instant On tech (recent purchases by HP to load webOS super fast and give users instant access to web, email, calendar, ebook, video, synergy, etc

    2. Then extend the slate with Windows 7 embedded (slim and trim tablet OS - much better then Windows 7 native) to load a full featured OS for users who want access to their desktop apps (Photoshop with Touch Tablet native support and Multiple apps being re-engineered for the tablet platform)

    3. Synergy - could then provide the link betwwen both worlds (instant-on webOS and embedded Windows 7) sharing data, bookmarks, email setting, docs, pics, video, and the list goes on and on.

    The best of both worlds, makes everyone happy and what half the world wants: new technology streamlined and efficient (webOS) and backwards compatibilty through Windows 7 - so most if not all of their old apps stay ready and available.

    Sounds good to me...anyone else?

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    For now a tablet is a complimentary device to your PC/Laptop. I could see myself using it all through my house and on the go for quick trips, but I would still need to hook it up to my hub at home to save photos, music, documents, etc. Cloud services help with this, but I still like having local access to my files also. I am still very excited to see WebOS on a tablet, it is very organic and would do great with a fast processor, large screen.
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    Yes, just what I was and easy to use.

    In relation to MS controlling HW manufactures like HP...those days have come and gone. Look at the last 3 years of Vista bad sales. That's why HP bought Palm, so they can say to MS if you want in on the option step-up and Bat or get off the playing field. Sorli...
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    would it be possible to run windows within webOS as a card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyruz Reaper View Post
    would it be possible to run windows within webOS as a card?

    I was about to say hell no, until I thought it out... Well you could use hps new instant on, tha runs linux and win 7 at the same time, then you replace the linux it has with windows 7, and you make the launch of it through a card. You'd need to two sets of hardware, and come up with a clever power saving mode, or wait a few years for intel to step it up, but I think it can be done.

    anyone with actual computer knowledge feel like jumping in?

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