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    I was wondering what you guys think on this issue.

    I personally think HP will have little impact on whatever device palm is working on at the moment. It is too late in the game for palm to drastically change up anything they've had in the works. Maybe minor hardware changes can be made such as improving the quality of material put into the device. However, a complete product revision probably isn't likely because that would take a huge amount of resources to do and palm just didn't have those resources available to them until now. That's probably one of the reasons most of the rumors surrounding the next palm phone indicate that it's just a beefed up Pre.

    I'm going to guess that this combination of HP and Palm will play a huge role in the 3rd generation of palm phones. I am extremely excited for the 3rd gen phones that will be the result of the vast resources at HP and palm's ingenuity. However, there's no point in waiting for technology to improve. Take the best that's out there now because tomorrow the best is yesterday's news. So I'm just waiting for the next gen palm phone.

    I think the biggest impact HP can have right now on palm is in marketing. It has already started with the launch of their wireless central store and pricing both the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus at zero. If Palm has managed to create a device that's at least up to par with current devices, HP can and will market the hell out of it. So how do you guys think HP will impact the next palm phone?
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    I'm guessing the design is mostly done. The will contribute better manufacturing, better marketing, and an earlier launch date.
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    I'm sure they offered some advice on picking a hardware manufacturer.

    I think the biggest impact will be more business related integration of the OS and apps. They didn't need to wait for the sale to go through to start developing some software. I'm sure they have had the PDK for months.

    I expect most of the media companies (tv, magazines, and newspapers) that rely on HP's huge advertising budget, added webOS to any products in the pipeline for iOS and Android.

    They for sure have been building the backend necessary to allow webOS devices to print through their new web enabled printers.

    Wouldn't it be nice to scan a document on an HP 'All in One' and email it wherever?

    I think we are going to see a lot of good things. The only thing I fear, is HP restricting Homebrew's access to parts of the OS.
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    I think almost nothing. I would expect them to have had a phone ready for a June launch. It just got pushed back because of the takeover.
    They must have been planning an new phone after a year, all the competition is on this schedule as well.
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    I'd say a huge impact since anything that Palm does from here on out will have HP's name attached to it. I'm sure Palm already had something in the pipeline but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be thoroughly inspected by HP and won't see the light of day if it's not to their liking. Their name and reputation are now at stake as well.
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    this probably went down this way:

    HP shows interest in buying Palm.. they sign an NDA agreement (just like all other potential suitors), and get to see non-publicly available invofmation, including devices in R&D.

    HP likes what they see everywhere, does the accounting and makes an offer.

    Palm analyizes all offers and chooses HP... the PALM BOD approves the offer, and stockholder meeting is set to finalize.

    Now comes the relevant part...

    HP saw what PALM had cooking, and now, before things are finalized, starts to make "suggestions" to PALM for them to consider, if they find fault, or flaws. PALM still isnt owned by HP, but, they will , rigt after the shareholder vote passes it, so, they oepn the line of communication with HP and coordinate the fine-tuning of the device, so that, ....

    Once the merger is approved, HP has less to worry about in product development at the onset - now they just have to pay for production and marketting, and use thier deep-rooted carier connections to make sure it is accepted by any/all carrriers worldwide...

    As soon as possible, the device is released, and with HP's help, it is a success - likely NOT an iPhone success, but, maybe an "eye-opening" one that makes everyone take a step back from the whole scene and notice that there is another serious and potentially significant player in the smartphone and mobile device market.

    My guess... July anouncement, August launch - many carriers worldwide - no exclusivity; marketting will focus on creating demand like the Droid marketting did, but this time, indepenant of any carrier - they will produce the phone in many flavors for all carriers, OR, just produce one GSM phone with all GSM HDSPA radios in it, as 75% of the worlds 3 billion cell phones are GSM, not CDMA.

    IMO, of course.
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    I think HP's relationship with all carriers will be huge. Also, I would hope that HP can really help with manufacturing and distribution channels. I would expect the new phone to come out much sooner after announcement. One of the failings of the Pre, I think, is that it took too long to come to market after announcement at CES. I expect the next phone to be out within a month or two of announcement. Fingers crossed! :P
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    if you look at there last ftc filings, they showed a slight increase in revevenue for Q3 - perhaps from a Pre Plus on sprint or re-order from another carrier. Then they showed a big jump in Q4, indicaring the start of manufacturing for a major launch in q1, like around CES. They have to pay for manufacturing as they build inventory in preparation before launch and then get revenue from the carrier. Sarbanse Oxley rule may also dictate that the revenue isn't recognized until they sell through the carrier (to prevent channel stuffing), so in that case it could indicate a Q4 launch. That was in the last financial filing before HP came along.

    ho wouldn't have impacted the product much before the merger. But what they could do is line up manufacturing (which does influence design some) and create marketing plans, etc.

    that's why I say the initial impact is probably limited to speed, manufacturing, and marketing. IMHO.

    same as when ford bought volvo and GM bought Saab. The next two model years were already in the can. After that you started to see the impact of their american owners (who ruined those brands BTW)
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    hardware is already in the can. Softwae dev plans are already in place... Makes no sense to apply any imfluence if it were to slow them down.
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    Straight from the MobileBeat page...

    The war’s primary theatre is the new form factors–tablets, 4G phones, HD TVs, connected devices—and the operating systems that power them. In one of the boldest land grabs of the year, the industry’s biggest PC maker, HP, is buying Palm, which could potentially free it from the new mobile OS overlord that is Android. While he can’t necessarily speak to the acquisition, you can bet HP Product Chief Phil McKinney will deliver a momentous keynote on the future of mobile software innovation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeeeee View Post
    Straight from the MobileBeat page...
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    I don't care what you say SPRINT kicks
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    For the record, I tweeted Phil McKinney asking if Jon Rubinstein would be with him on the 12th, and he just replied:
    philmckinney @lquarles For MobileBeat keynote, I plan to discuss "mobile software innovation" in a fireside chat with @rich_wong/Accel Partners #palm #hp
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    sounds like a 4g 3d tablet w front cam & giant kick stand
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    the quality will be a lot better
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    Quote Originally Posted by kleiderkabine View Post
    the quality will be a lot better
    That would be the easiest challenge for HP to meet.
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    I don't see what major changes they would suggest. WebOS is optimized for a certain type of hardware guts (e.g. TI OMAP, onboard memory), so none of that will change except with spec upgrades (faster proc, more storage and/or RAM).

    Externally, it has to be mostly screen, have a gesture area, and will have a slider keyboard. Beyond that, they could maybe add a front-facing camera and change the location of the USB port, but that's about it.

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