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    As a former HP employee (and a former IPAQ 910 user--I just luvved HP customer support the 10 or so times my IPAQ died under warranty--I expect Palm customer support will also be "consolidated") unfortunately this is not surprising. I'd imagine the other (star?) Palm employees who have been reported to be leaving in the last few weeks may have some inkling of the work environment at HP--possibly they read the reviews on glassdoor.

    For The 4th, Some Palm Staffers Are Granted…Independence - Tech Trader Daily -
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    I have to agree with their warranty coverage. My Mobile Printer was 2 days short of being out of warranty.

    They are sending me a new printer and after I receive it I can send my old one in. (It just won't print color, so I can still use it until the other one comes).
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    Ouch! The really sucky thing is getting laid off as a member of the WebOS team knowing HP's stated position that they are going to "double down on WebOS" (Link).
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    WOW...that is very sad to hear.

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