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    I am stuck in this dilemma. My upgrade just became available July 1st. I am contemplating on getting the white EVO4G from best buy, or waiting on a phone that will drop before this Christmas, such as the alleged Palm C40. Many people I have talked to about the matter have said that the EVO will be very comparable to the C40 in hardware (except a real keyboard and a gesture area) while having the main difference in operating systems. I have a Pre now got it the second week it dropped and never had to change it. I find it odd that people seem to be going through them at a rate of 1 every two month, lol. It really treats me well and I don’t have any problems with it except a few minor adjustments in the system tools mainly software stuff. Silly things such as changing the text audio, something you would think they would have incorporated in WEBOS 1.0, but still have failed to do so, come on. Overall I love Palm. So do I get the technology packet white EVO from best buy. Or wait and stay loyal to Palm. For some reason I have a feeling that the EVO, even though older then the C40 will be, will still run faster. Thanks for the time…
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    I wonder if HP/Palm will give news about the new phone in next month. if you can hold out, wait. And does HTC Evo have specs necessary for Android 3.0? Seems a new android comes out every 1-2 months. I'd be upset if I got one that couldn't take the new Android update.
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    Yes, it can run 3.0, it has the minimum requirements! you can pick up the Evo try it for 30 days.
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    I like both Android and webOS, and lately my thinking has been that the only real things keeping me interested in Android are (1) the hardware specs for Android phones, (2) the diversity of form factors in Android phones, and (3) Android is the anti-iPhone platform. Although webOS still has some big issues that Palm needs to address, webOS isn't really the problem for HPalm. It's the lack of competitive, durable, high-quality hardware that seems to be the problem. OTOH, Android is a good OS in desperate need of both a style manual (to improve the UI consistency between apps) and a makeover (it's not as good-looking as either iOS or webOS.) So, if the software is preferable on the webOS side and the hardware side is preferable on the Android side, doesn't it make sense to stick with the software side? All HPalm really needs to compete is compelling hardware. It should be easier for HPalm to improve their hardware than it will be for Google to improve the Android UI across multiple manufacturers.

    Personally, I intend to wait for the next webOS device. I'll keep using the Pre until it falls apart in the meantime.
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    ...and a makeover (it's not as good-looking as either iOS or webOS.)

    nothing will ever be as sexy as webos...
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    Completely agree on this. WebOS is a great system and I can't get enough of the PRE. The C40 (according to reports), looks like the PRE but bigger. I would only hope that the voice recognition and "little things" come with this. Since I am due foran upgrade in OCT, I will wait with longing for the new system.
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    Same here...My upgrade became available July 1st, But I think I'll wait it out..I'm happy with my Pre and The WebOS...I'm sure Palm will suprise us with an awesome new smartphone with lightning speed and a 4.1 or 3.7 in screen...Just waiting patiently =0)
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    I'm happy with my Pre, but really you have to decide what you need and when. WebOS will be around. We know that now. There is no shame in getting the device you need and coming back to WebOS after. At the same time, you don't want to be stuck with something and hate it for years while you wait for your contract to end.

    If I were you, I'd wait at least a couple of weeks to see what HP has to say about the next phone. HP seems to love dropping hints about up coming hardware. You might want to give it a couple of weeks. Then if you don't hear anything from HP, make a decision.

    My guess, however, is that we'll hear something before the end of July.
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    If you have to jump to Android, get the Samsung Epic, it's better than the Evo.

    Otherwise, I have my upgrade as well, and I am waiting a bit longer. There will be several new phone announcements in the next month or two. If Palm doesn't get a phone out soon I like the idea of being one of the first to get a Windows phone 7.
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    if your options are wait for C40 or EVO 4G, you might want to at least wait for Palm to confirm release date and specs of the c40 before making a decision. Rumor has it we should hear something in the next week or so. It my be that the specs seal the deal one way or the other.

    Then again, I think I saw a video that stated the EVO 4G grants you 3 wishes, one of which you could use to get the c40 and let us know how it is. -jk
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    Just chill out and see what the next webOS device is all about. I could have had any phone that came out since January 2009, but I stuck with my Centro and could not be happier to have waited for the Pre+ on ATT.

    The advantage I got as a result is that I got an awesome phone with an incredible OS. And I did not have to deal with any of the initial issues, such as no video recording, keystroke repeat issues, security vulerabilities, lack of 3D games or apps in general.

    Jumping into webOS at the point I did, I got to experience a much more polished OS and hardware than the early adopters did. However this is ONLY because I would not switch from ATT. Had the Pre come out on ATT first, I would have had it on launch day.

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