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    I'll be camping for five days, a few weeks from now, and I am wondering if there is any type of solar charger or solar panel that works with the Treos. Or, if there is an intermediate connector or converter that is available that would make it work with existing products. I know that you can buy solar charging face plates for several kinds of cellphones.
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    A few thoughts:

    First, will you be within signal coverage? If not, turn off the radio and don't worry about it.

    Second, you can get the emergency charger from Seidio ( and bring along a few 9 volt batts.

    Third, if you find something that will charge 9v batts via the sun, you can use them in the seidio charger.

    Fourth, if you are going to be camping near your car, you can buy the Seidio car charger.
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    I'll try the Seido website, thank you. I'll be camping on Route 88 in the Sierra Nevadas in California, most likely away from a signal. However, my buddy and I will be driving down to S. Tahoe a few times to pick up supplies (liquid) and perhaps gamble a little, he he. Ah, the virtuous, character-building outdoors! In any case I'm rather addicted to my little Treo, and will be wanting to use it coming and going on the road, etc. I think the cigarette lighter in my friend's car broke years ago. I'd prefer to have it charging itself against a granite boulder, but the Seido device might be better than nothing. Does the connecter work with the sync connector at the bottom of my Treo 180, that is my question?
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    Does the connecter work with the sync connector at the bottom of my Treo 180, that is my question?
    Yes, it does. There are some other sites that sell a car charger. You can also pick some up on Ebay. If the cigarette lighter is broken, use the 9v charger.

    There might be another, albeit really obnoxious way, to charge your Treo. If you have a notebook, you can buy one of those hotsync cables that also charges the Treo. The notebook battery might be enough to last you through.
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    Check out this site for some interesting mobile charging stuff: Instant Power
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    Thanks for the tips from several of you! From I have ordered the little charging unit for the Treo that sucks power from a 9 volt battery. From I queried them and they replied that they will happily prepare a solar panel arrangement to charge my Treo, if I cut off the Treo sync connector from either my Treo car charger or my Treo 110 volt power outlet charger and wire it to their wire. They want $40 + $8 S.+ H. It's a little expensive, but I told them it's a deal. I'll be able to charge my Treo 180 in the woods (even though I'll be unable to phone or download data). A happy camper! Steve
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    Though not as cool as the guy who sawed off the lid of his Treo and placed a speaker on the corner, you are one of the coolest Treo owners I know. :-)
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    Just to let you all know - Instant Power Chargers are now available for the Treo 180 and 270

    With this charger you can talk, work and charge your Treo anywhere, anytime, no need to be dependent on a car or wall adptors.

    Instant Power
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    you can use this:

    works well. rock on.
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    iSun is good but unfortunately they don't make have the female plug for the Treo in their kit.
    If you can get a plug and a multimeter, shouldn't be too much of a problem to wire up
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    The iSun comes with a female auto adapter plug. You can use the Treo's auto adapter with the iSun.

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