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    I am debating whether to keep my 270 w/ Voicestream-TMobile or goto the Treo 300 on Sprint.

    Question: My understanding is that both Sprint on its CDMA network and TMobile on its GSM network are going to upgraded networks (2.5 G or GPRS).

    Will I be able to have always on email/internet on the Tmobile, after the software upgrade? Timing? Or should I go to the Sprint Treo 300?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    I am no expert... but here is what I have read/understand.

    Sprint's new network will offer an average speed of 60-70K come August. GSM averages 20-30K (after the upgrade). Both networks are a long way from 2.5G (you will probably have purchased another phone by then).

    Which service offers the best coverage in your area?

    Personally, I waiting for Sprint and the Treo 300 (best coverage in my area... the greater speed is a bonus)
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    My 2c

    I suspect that the uptake of 2.5/3G services will depend upon the simplest criteria

    1. What plans are available - they have to offer us a good combo of voice and data in the plans. If I am going to get charged by the megabyte, I want a good bulk rate because email and especially web browsing send back n forth good quantities of data over the course of a month. If the data plans are based on WAP usage patterns, then the providers are not being sensible for providing data to devices like the Treo and Nokia Communicator. Having applications which support data compression are a big plus - you save plenty on your monthly ceiling - luckily Blazer does this and I heard that Treo Mail does it too but I am not sure.

    2. Coverage - data services only work in areas where there is digital coverage.

    3. Availability - I would like to know the carriers policies on dialing up and down the availability of data ports when the voice network is very busy such as rush hour. If they temporarily turn off data capacity it could be a pain.

    4. Extended services - I would like email services and other information services tied to the new data feed. No point having the race car without someplace to drive it.

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