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    Does the mandatory Palm Account also backup patches and preware apps? After a full secure erase of my pre, my phone keeps trying to install the mojo virtual keyboard and always fails. Inside the log it says that it's already there, but it really isn't. any ideas?
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    nope. Preware isn't backed up in your profile
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    thanks. so how come after a full erase, then reinstall of "preware" does my pre know that the mojo virtual keyboard was installed correctly at one point, but now it sees that there is still some "files" left behind so it won't install correctly again?
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    Well, as most people have learned, a "full erase" isn't really a FULL erase... I would suggest next time that you go ahead with an actual Doctor next time you want to do the full erase. For now, you can try using Jason's webOS Repair Utility to see if that will fix it.
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    thanks for the tip. i have used the "doctor" and now it completes the install of mojo virtual keyboard, it even states it within the preware installed section. I have restarted my pre twice, and the keyboard will still not pop up when trying to text. Any more suggestions? From now on i will no longer use the builtin pre full erase, but will use the "doctor".

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