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    SENIOR MANAGER – Smartphone Product Planning en Palm

    Ubicación: Sunnyvale, CA (Bahía de San Francisco y alrededores)

    Dirección URL: Career Opportunities - Palm USA

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    Marketing, Gestión de producto
    Electrónica de consumo
    24 de junio de 2010
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    SENIOR MANAGER – Smartphone Product Planning

    This product strategist and visionary is responsible for leading the planning, definition and concepting of our Smartphone portfolio and products. You will be responsible for identifying and sizing market opportunities, gaining insight into future technologies and adoption, creating a competitive portfolio, conceiving of innovative products, defining and prioritizing business and customer requirements, and partnering with engineering, design and software product management to concept products that will be sold and in the hands of millions of customers around the world. The ideal candidate will possess a unique combination of strategic foresight, business understanding and the creativity and passion to define innovative products that deliver unparalleled customer experiences.


    • Product Visionary. Build a long-term cohesive vision for the market, identifying unique opportunities and value propositions that differentiate and define the portfolio and products. Lead the development of a rolling three-year roadmap which is clearly aligned with global target customer segments. Develop product concepts that will position Palm competitively and leverage unique strengths to win in the marketplace. Drive long lead-time technology direction from a customer perspective.

    • Strategic Market Master. Collect and analyze market information across smartphone and related markets to provide strategic direction. Be a pillar of market knowledge on customer trends, competitor strategies, high-level technology trends and market dynamics.

    • Business Manager. Develop a portfolio of products that delivers on business and financial objectives. Manage the portfolio and product business cases including initial forecasts, product pricing and profitability. Define product concepts that meet and drive business targets and understand financial tradeoffs in the portfolio.

    • Collaborative Leader. Partner internally to successfully drive the portfolio strategy, planning and concepting in conjunction with Global Product Management and Customer Product Management teams. Lead concepting teams across engineering, design and software planning to effectively create winning product concepts. Communicate and sell portfolio strategy and product concepts internally to executive team and key stakeholders across engineering, design, software planning, sales and marketing.


    The successful Senior Manager of Smartphone Product Planning will be a strong leader with a balance of strategy, business and product skills. He/she will have experience concepting innovative consumer products and portfolios that have demonstrated and generated real customer value.

    • Strong leadership skills to establish and vocalize product vision, and drive strategic thinking and planning at all levels of the company. Proven ability to assemble and motivate cross-functional teams to focus on what’s important and hold them accountable to deliver.

    • Top notch strategic and analytical skills. He/she possesses ability to analyze and synthesize a wealth of information in an effort to make the complex clear with focused strategies, tactics and ideas. Candidate should possess strategic thinking capability with exceptional judgment.

    • Passion for understanding people and their needs, and translating those into products and experiences that exceed their expectations.

    • Sufficient technical skills to engage with Engineering and make technology and product roadmap decisions based on consumer benefits.

    • Strong project management skills and proven track record of getting things done in a predictable manner, measuring results and continuously improving processes, to make the most efficient use of time and resources.

    • At least 8 years of direct consumer technology product planning, product management and/or marketing experience in a mix of startup and corporate environments. Prefer previous experience within the consumer handset or mobile industry.


    • Undergraduate degree required, MBA preferred or equivalent additional

    SENIOR MANAGER – Smartphone Product Planning at Palm in Sunnyvale, CA | LinkedIn

    It seems serious decisions about to come for new smartphones.
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    Interesting and I want that job. Sorli...
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    This was posted on thweeks ago.e Precentral main page
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    This was posted on thweeks ago.e Precentral main page
    nope, that was for a different position: senior product manager-webos smartphones , this one is for a smartphone product planning senior manager.
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    THIS. This is seriously my dream job. I'm sending my application in now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    Who here has at least 8 years of direct consumer technology product planning, product management and/or marketing experience?

    These are some incredibly serious credentials they're asking for, and their investment in future products appears to be absolutely serious going forward. Great job requisition to see as an app developer and Palm enthusiast. Whoever gets this job is making six figures, easily.
    The guy how invented ATARI maybe. The first pda was made in 1993. There are some out there but just a few and with 8 years of experience in those fields.

    Palm don´t want to take risks this time. They really want someone who has the global vision and the background enough to know before , now and after and react to the worlds CE competition fast.
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    The name of the original position was changed to Global product planning. I don´t see on linkedin anyone else in the original one.

    Amrita Sinha
    Manager, Global Product Planning at Palm

    • World Wide Supply Demand Planning Manager at Apple Inc.
    • Business Analyst at Cisco Systems Inc.
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Analyst at Tyco Healthcare

    • University of Missouri-Saint Louis
    • Utkal University
    • DAV Shyamali

    Amrita Sinha background:

    • Manager, Global Product Planning

    julio de 2010 — Present (2 months)
    • World Wide Supply Demand Planning Manager
    Apple Inc.

    abril de 2008 — agosto de 2010 (2 years 5 months)
    Senior Planner for iMac, Apple World Wide.

    • Business Analyst
    Cisco Systems Inc.

    junio de 2007 — abril de 2008 (11 months)

    • Logistics and Supply Chain Analyst
    Tyco Healthcare

    junio de 2006 — junio de 2007 (1 year 1 month)
    Education of Amrita Sinha
    • University of Missouri-Saint Louis
    2003 — 2006
    • Utkal University
    1999 — 2003
    • DAV Shyamali
    High School , 1997 — 1999
    • Loreto Convent
    1985 — 1997
    Amrita Sinha - LinkedIn

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