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    Exactly! He articulated the advantages of webOS perfectly!!!

    The wonder of Palm's brilliant OS isn't's the way it combines multitasking with task management in an elegant and inuitive way! It does what Android takes a key feature & a third party app(task manager) to accomplish w/ one flick of the finger!

    It also gives you a preview of where you were and what you were doing in the App instead of just what App you have open!

    You grossly undersell this magical goodness when you call this multitasking! It should have been sold as "Cards" and had it's strengths featured and contrasted to the competition in every Palm commercial from the beginning!

    Looks like HP really gets it! I'm excited!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendellp View Post
    Not at all dude. I jumped ship for the evo and i can tell you first
    Hand andriod sucks...apps are plenty..hardware is fantastic(wish the power button was on side of device and not the top) but i miss webos....and will dump the evo on palms new device as soon as it comes i guess this makes me a troll
    Hardly a troll ...
    ... our economy needs a few more consumers like you!
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinster02 View Post
    Although a sign, this seams like just another letter, note or sighting to add to the rising pile! I don't think anything will be announced until the next CES, because Palm needs to make their product known to the world and not just geeks or loyalist. We are not talking Android devices here which come out often. I'll believe it when I see something tangible!
    Funny because unless I'm talking to a geek, nobody's gonna know what CES is...

    New phones go on commercials, that's how they get out to the "world".
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