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    All of a sudden I got the following problem with my Treo 180:
    When I use the phone to call someone they can hear me but I can not hear them, I tried a soft reset but that did not help.
    Anybody have any idea what might be wrong??
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    Call Handspring tech support - if you can make calls on the headset but not using the regular speaker, you probably have a failed unit and need to get it replaced. It seems to happen with some early units.
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    I see you frequent another Treo website too. :-)

    I just thought I might add that you might want to give it a few minutes or so. I used to have a problem of other people not being able to hear me, but it went away, and it's worked flawlessly for months.

    BTW, if you could please refrain from cross posting on more than one board on one website, I'd appreciate it.
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    i had the smae problem, my speakerphone died, too. Tried soft, warm and hard reset but it didn't help. So I called up Handspring and they arranged for a replacement.

    By the way, the backlight on the replacement Treo180 broke after 10 days so I'm getting yet another new one...

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    I'm also here with my 3rd Treo broken, this time with speaker off, and I can hear through headset, so it'd the known hardware issue.

    I'm waiting for my dealer to come back from holidays, then I'll perform 3rd replacement and hope for a functional Treo.
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