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    I'm trying to run Datek wireless Streamer, from
    which suppose to run on Visor os > 3.3 or Palm V etc.

    it should give realtime stock quotes.

    I get

    Fatal Alert
    InfoStream.c, Line: 72
    INetLib not found!

    I figured InetLib is the Palm lib for tcp/url access, but
    why isn't it built-in and/or available for download?

    I'm using a Treo 270.
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    I think that Inetlib is one of the library files required for PQAs (which Treo does not support out of the box). You may find a link to the PQA libraries at
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    Thanks, I got the InetLib to install and Datek Streamer is
    now running ok. Sort of.

    The Treo turns off as soon as Datek begins running.
    If I play with the on/off switch in conjunction with opening
    and closing the lid, I can get a few-seconds-run-time at a time...
    before it turns off again.

    Obviously attempting to run the communication like this is

    Anyone successfully run th Datek Streamer?

    If not, what are you people using for realtime stock quotes?

    I'm using Yahoo via the browser but that's not really nice.

    I've treid OLOStock as Handspring recommends but that
    gives me a fatal error!
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    Take a looka t Stock Manager at It does not do real time quotes, but it is fairly adequate.

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