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    So with HP acquiring all these new companies/technologies what speculations does everyone have as to what they are up to.

    Phoenix Technologies-Hyperspace Linux OS

    Missing anything?
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    I think it's fairly safe to say that HP intends for all of these technologies to come together as core elements in their new eco-system. I also think it's safe to say we consumers won't see a version of webOS to utilize these technologies for quite some time, certainly not this year.

    But I'm loving the pattern that's emerging here.
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    What do you think HP/Palm is upto?

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    Getting ready to take webOS to the next level!
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    I'm stoked, I wonder if their are any other logical buys for HP.
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    The only other logical thing I can think of (if they intend to follow Apple's lead) is some sort of e-book store/solution. I know it's not great reading on a phone screen, but it would be great for the rumoured tablet.
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    I still can't figure out why we would need webOS on a freakin' toaster.
    Am i missing something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    I still can't figure out why we would need webOS on a freakin' toaster.
    Am i missing something?
    Think about being able to upload an image to your toaster through the web and being able to imprint said image onto your bread of choice (rye, personally). I think when they started talking about webos printers, it was a clear indicator of web connected toasters. Think about printing a spreadsheet out and studying it on the way to work while you eat your breakfast toast. I know i'm ordering five.

    Back to the real world, I read somewhere online recently, probably the comments at engadget, someone said something similar to "Now, when hp needs to innovate, they just get out their checkbook." How true this statement seems to have become kinda worries me. Hp's lack of interest in doing anything new or exciting makes me feel like they will eventually ruin palm. I have no doubts we will have 1-2 years of good phones from hp/palm after the merger, but its not hard to imagine them eventually ruining palm and getting rid of all the reasons I love webos so much today. Hopefully I am just being over dramatic and we won't see anything like this happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    I still can't figure out why we would need webOS on a freakin' toaster.
    Am i missing something?
    You're missing the part where anybody except sarcastic Palm haters on the internet have EVER talked about webOS on toasters. One of the worse strawmen I've ever seen.

    Nobody at HP or Palm has ever said anything about kitchen appliances - and yet all you clowns are talking about nothing but kitchen appliances. Don't be surprised if your dreams of Palm fizzing out in something ridiculous don't pan out as expected and they actually release useful, desirable hardware. But then you'll just post "haha they must have noticed how stupid their initial idea with the blenders was, FAIL"
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    They should buy facebook next! Before Apple does!
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    or Google! ...the googlers. Lol
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    I agree with you.
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    I can easily imagine webOS on HP Printers. Open up the mail app, goto your email with the attached spreadsheet, and print it. Or, logon to Google Docs and print your stuff.

    Tablets of course.

    Quick boot option for their laptops and netbooks.
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    I'm hoping they are putting together something awesome for us in the near future..
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    Think about the fridge? you could keep track of your shopping lists and automatically order food (for those of us who get our groceries delivered) Also while in the kitchen you could watch youtube vids or stream Slacker or even check your calender!

    Some appliances could benifit from WebOs
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    Digital photo frames are a great market opportunity. Whether with FlickrAddict or just a FrameChannel client, a webOS back-end would allow for some amazing stuff. And then it would be easy for use for tangential services like checking weather, traffic or sports scores.

    throw it on a consumer digicam. Doesn't need to many user interface touches, but add on Bluetooth and make it simple to send photos through your bluetooth phone.

    the nice thing about a flexible platform is that it's easy enough to create custom solutions for specific tasks. So, for example, build a slate that's kitchen optimized, big screen and WiFi with software included that makes it easy to follow recipes via voice to text, video, photos and written instructions.

    HP has a long, sad history with music/media appliances. So build the software on webOS and create custom solutions that aren't beholden to Microsoft.

    and HP should go after vertical markets, such as restaurant ordering handhelds that still run on WinCE.

    mostly, H/Palm should capitalize on their corporate clients and create devices that address their needs.

    and so on

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